“Planète Terre”, the generous rock of Louise Attaque

With her big wide eyes, Louise Attaque, on April 22, 1997, looked at the world. On the cover of a record just released began the adventure of a group which had chosen as its emblem this imaginary girl sketched by bassist Robin Feix. The album of I bring you with windof the Parisian nightsof Your invitation and of Leahsunny and festive songs, became the best-selling record in the history of French rock, ahead of those of Johnny, Indochine or Bashung, with 3.3 million copies.

Twenty-five years later, the founding trio of Louise Attaque is back. Gaëtan Roussel (vocals and guitars), Arnaud Samuel (violins and piano), Robin Feix (bass and backing vocals) have concocted their fifth album, Earth, celebrating the first. On April 26, 2022, the trio gave six free concerts in one day at the Élysée Montmartre in Paris, including one for Internet users. “Every two hours, like in the cinema, we played and that was part of the happiness of finding ourselves. Playing the songs of yesterday in front of our audience, it was the lung, the momentum that made us want to see if we could not write songs today”, says Gaëtan Roussel.

Working in a group to “succeed everything”

The trio gives themselves twenty-five days to write and compose, in the home studio by Arnaud Samuel. “Gaëtan slept there, among the instruments, smiled the violinist. We worked all day. » The eleven songs of Earth take shape quickly. “A group can give the impression that we can go to the end of the world and succeed in everything”, rejoices Gaëtan Roussel. The musicians then go to the studio in La Frette-sur-Seine (Val-d’Oise) with drummer Nicolas Musset. “We record a nice set of our songs with a very warm sound, of good quality. It was good, but not enough. So we brought in musicians we didn’t know, to add sparkle, to have surprises, to see how the others will bounce back to a place where we don’t expect it. explains Arnaud Samuel.

Generous lyrics, powerful musicEarth reconnects with the magic of Louise Attaque and captures the era with sensitivity. “Some have space, there are others who squeeze / Some are in love, others so lonely (…). There are those who make peace, there are those who make war/Who want to go down in history, into the light/But most would just like to get out of the ordinary”, punctuates the first track, empathetic and dancing.

What does it feel like on planet Earth today? We often have La Frousse, “to live next door, let everything be ruined”. Far from being 20 years old, we want to find our Factory settings, according to one of the most beautiful titles. “We are over 50 years old and it was quite tender to indulge as we are today, more than we did in the past”says Gaëtan Roussel.

François Busnel, one of their fans

From one song to another, not see each other at My dear, today my dearor We won’t be afraid of anything Where Unzip, Louise Attaque celebrates love with restless energy. His songs are good. “When you are faced with the void that you carry within you (but if, of course, you are there sometimes), tune into the Louise Attack frequency: then the world passes through you, lends you colors, and suddenly everything is better », assures one of their fans, the critic François Busnel.

They say they want to sing human beings like Alain Souchon. “We admire his chiselled, well-seen, committed texts. We dreamed of moving towards that,” says Gaëtan Roussel. The melancholy of their humanist titles are mixed with a rediscovered energy, drawn from the good sources of rock, which is just waiting to burst out on stage. A big tour is announced in 2023. It will be played in two parts on a round stage surrounded by the public: “First the first disc in its entirety and in order; then for the second round, the new album, but also songs from the other three. » The trio is already enjoying it. “The concert is the time when we take the most pleasure! »

A flagship group of French rock

1997.Louise Attackthe first album by Gaëtan Roussel, Robin Feix, Arnaud Samuel and Alexandre Margraff (then on drums, he left the band in 2015).

1999. “Group of the year” at the Victoires de la Musique.

2000.As we said, best “rock album” at the Victoires de la Musique 2001.

2005.See you later crocodile, best “rock album” at the Victoires de la Musique 2006.

2016.Anomaly, best “rock album” at the Victoires de la Musique 2017.

2022. Released November 4 from Earth (Barclay/Universal).


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