Pink Floyd unveils 18 unreleased live performances dating from 1972

Pink Floyd offers a nice gift for Christmas. Last year, the members of the group had already published a dozen unpublished concerts dating from 1971. This time, they reveal 18 recordings captured during their 1972 tour.

Silent since their last album The Endless Riverexclusively instrumental, Pink Floyd are back in the same way as a year ago, when they discreetly unveiled the recordings of twelve unreleased concerts from 1971.

This time, Pink Floyd reveals 18 live – recorded by amateurs – dating from 1972, after the release of the albums Meddle (1971) and Obscured by Clouds (1972), and before the legendary Dark Side Of the Moon (1973).

These mysterious publications highlight 18 dates. In the lot, we find their memorable visit to the Osaka festival in Japan on March 8, 1972, their concert at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on September 22, 1972, that of Carnegie Hall in New York, but also forgotten dates such as that of the Palais des Sports of Poitiers.

If these recordings are not all of very high quality – like that of the concert in Saint-Ouen on December 1, 1972 –, they are a pleasure to hear. This bit of nostalgia is available on the Spotify of the group.

Here is the full list of available gigs.

1. Live At Southampton Guildhall, UK, 23 January 1972
2. Live At Carnegie Hall, New York, Feb 5, 1972
3. Live At The Rainbow Theatre, London 17 February 1972
4. Live At The Rainbow Theatre, London 18 Feb 1972
5. Live At The Rainbow Theatre, London 19 Feb 1972
6. Live At The Rainbow Theatre, London 20 Feb 1972
7. Live At The Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan, 3 Mar 1972
8. Live At Osaka Festival Hall, Japan, Mar 8, 1972
9. Live At Nakajima Sports Center, Sapporo, Japan, Mar 13, 1972
10. Live At Chicago Auditorium Theater, USA, April 28, 1972
11. Live At The Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany, 18 May 1972
12. Live At The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, Sept 22, 1972
13. Live At The Empire Pool, Wembley, London, 21 Oct 1972
14. Live At Ernst-Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany, 12 Nov 1972
15. Live At The Palais des Sports, Poitiers, France 29 Nov 1972
16. Live At The Sports Palace of Ile de la Jatte, Saint Ouen, France, 1 Dec 1972
17. Live At The Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium, 5 Dec 1972
18. Live At The Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland 9 Dec 72


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