pension reform 2023, this Thursday was their first “demonstration”

Tractors, smoke bombs, banners and umbrellas. For her very first event, Nora, a 17-year-old high school student, was treated to a crowd of great days in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique). “Until now, my parents forbade me for security reasons”confides this final year student. Anyway, I think that before I was not mature enough to understand all the issuesshe continues, joining her group of friends. But this time, I feel concerned. I blame the government for having launched this reform and not having taken into account the demands of the unions and the population. For me, a democracy must listen to its people. »

At home, where she willingly talks politics, her parents are divided on reform. “My mother is a civil servant and she is against it. My father, who works in urban planning, is more measured. » She already knows that her first manifestation will not be the last. Fortunately or unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons to demonstrate, whether for the climate or against violence against women…”

Six months is “huge”

Joël, 59, a territorial official in Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine), parades in Paris, a sign around his neck where he wrote: “Don’t worry about my retirement, I already know what I’m going to do with it. » In fact, Joël retyped a ” little house ” in Brittany where he intended to settle permanently after his retirement, initially scheduled for January 1, 2024. “There, with the reform, everything will have to be postponed by at least six months, according to what I have calculated. » Six months, he finds this ” huge “.

If Joël now works in an office, he started on the road. In a previous life, he was a delivery driver and appliance installer. “I accumulated six trimesters before I turned 20. I am therefore entitled to the long career scheme, but I find that we are not very well informed about it”, he believes. Non-unionized, he had no “never set foot in a demonstration in his life”, convinced that “it was useless”. But when we see the images of 1995, we say to ourselves that this can make the government move. »

“It will never end”

“Usually, I never demonstrate, but here, I wanted to make a “+ 1” in the counting of this demonstration»testifies Tony, 48, maintenance technician in the pharmaceutical industry, non-unionized, who also parades in Paris. “Often, we say to ourselves “yes, yes, we are going”, but we do nothing. Today, people want to show their disagreement”, he assures. He began to work alternately from the age of 17, says to himself that there will still be other reforms… “That’s why you have to say stop, otherwise it will never stop”he assures.

However, he is not fundamentally opposed to raising the legal retirement age to 64. “But not on any conditionhe insists. However, with working conditions deteriorating, salaries not increasing, public services and security deteriorating, this is not an option. »

“Make the government move”

Marine Durand, 26, is an assistant notarial editor. Met in the parade of Montpellier (Hérault), she does not appreciate the announced end of the special regime for clerks and employees of notaries. Especially since she thinks money from the cash register (his) scheme will be used for the public”. She’s there too “in support of those close to retirement “, because “to push back the age is not desirable”. “I told myself that the more people there would be today, the more it could make the government move “says the young woman.

A few rows away, Romain Rousset, 19, student in BTS notariat thinks that being there “it’s taking part in something that can leave traces in the service of all”. “It’s hard for me to imagine myself in retirement”, he adds. But he sees his grandparents who, despite the long hours spent at work“only receive €1,000 in retirement “. He discovers the atmosphere of a demonstration, reads signs “not at all realistic” who amuse him. Promised, if the movement continues, it “will start again”.


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