PARALYSIS (2022) Grief-Induced Horror Reviews

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‘Soft Screams’
Paralysis is a 2022 American horror film about a young woman who experiences hallucinations and nightmares after a family trauma.

Written, directed and co-starred with Levi Austin Morris. Produced by Jamie Tobias. The film also stars Allison Lobel, Lisagaye Tomlinson, Bethany Koulias, Emerson Gregor, Melissa Ortiz, Ann Kathleen Jensen, and Sammy T. Anderson.

Plot Synopsis:
After a family trauma, Haley Stone (Allison Lobel) isolated herself from everyone but her brother Nicky (Levi Austin Morris). But along with her complicated grief and deteriorating emotional well-being, Haley experiences hallucinations, vivid nightmares, and debilitating bouts of sleep paralysis.

These episodes become increasingly pressing when Haley notices bruises on her body. She suspects that the entity that visits her at night is not just a figment of her imagination. With the help of a paranormal investigator, Haley must access the truth buried between realities and free herself from this living nightmare…


“The overall plot might remind you of some popular big-budget coolers and there are a few unpolished moments where, for example, the camera is jostled by something happening in a scene, but the solid direction of the film made me still hit. The general impression left by the experience is that it is the fruit of young but talented artists and not of amateurs. CineDump

“The characters feel lived and the dialogue between them is realistic. Morris’ script nicely balances drama about mental illness and family with eerie horror elements. Shot with an iPhone by Morris and Emerson Gregori, the cinematography is solid and the film features imaginative framing to go along with the classic scary setups. horror fuel

Paralysis won’t be for everyone, especially those expecting a scary movie […] It uses the idea of ​​the supernatural more as a way to explore the grieving process, which is well presented here, aided by the mournful soundtrack. A little slow at times, but nonetheless, it was a solid indie horror. 7 out of 10, The Rotten Zombie

“With only three main characters and a few voices on the phone, the success of the film depends largely on the performances, especially that of Lobel who is often alone on screen. She’s pretty compelling as a woman caught in a multi-layered nightmare. […] My only real problem with Paralysis is that some scenes could have needed a bit of trimming. 4 out of 5, Voices from Beyond


Technical specifications:
1h48 (!)

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