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Other than Indonesia, which countries ban sex outside of marriage?

Indonesia decided to modify its civil code on Tuesday, December 6, to criminalize sexual relations between unmarried people. Offenders could be punished with a one-year prison sentence. The South Asian country is not the only one to have made similar arrangements.

Thus, Pakistan also considers sex before marriage, as well as adultery, as a crime. In Afghanistan, those found guilty can be sentenced to stoning.

Qatar, the country currently hosting the 2022 World Cup, also bans sex outside of marriage. The supporters who made the trip are housed in the same boat and have been warned that having sex outside marriage theoretically exposes them to seven years in prison, even if the legislation is in fact only very little applied.

100 lashes

Qatar’s towering neighbor Saudi Arabia similarly bans sex for unmarried people. In Iran, the penal code punishes those guilty of “100 lashes, for the woman as for the man”. Adultery is punishable by stoning.

Stoning may be practiced elsewhere in Sudan, for sex outside marriage as well as for adultery. In 2012, a woman, Intisar Sharif Abdallah, was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, before her sentence was canceled. In Somalia, the punishment can also go as far as the death penalty.

The Philippines also considers adultery a crime. In Malaysia, it is even forbidden for two unmarried people to meet in an enclosed place without a witness. The culprits can receive a fine of more than €200, or even six months in prison.

In 2017, Egyptian presenter Doaa Salah was sentenced to three years in prison for discussing the subject of premarital sex on television. Egyptian justice found her guilty “contempt of public decency”.

Source : BBN NEWS

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