Numbers, categories, salaries… 5 figures on the civil service which votes to elect its representatives

The professional elections opened on Thursday, December 1 in the public service. A ballot that concerns more than 5 million agents, divided into 3 public functions and 4 categories.

► 5.7 million civil servants

All jobs and statuses combined, the civil service represents nearly one salaried job in five. The latest count published by the Ministry of the Public Service thus identified 5.66 million public officials as of December 31, 2020. A figure up by just under 1% in one year.

The state civil service alone employs nearly half of all civil servants (45%). The territorial public service comprises a third of the workforce (34%) mainly in municipalities and intermunicipalities. Finally, one agent in five (21%) works in the public hospital service, the vast majority in hospitals.

Alongside the 3.8 million tenured civil servants, in 2020 the civil service had 1.2 million contract employees, 311,600 soldiers and 357,000 classified as “other categories and statuses” (including private teachers).

►More than 1 million in education

Within the State civil service, more than one million agents (1,055,700 precisely) work in education in the broad sense (education, higher education and research). This is by far the sector with the most civil servants.

The Ministry of the Interior comes second but far behind, with just under 300,000 agents. Third employer, the defense which has 266,400 civil servants. Other ministries, in comparison, almost look like “small businesses”, such as the ministry of foreign affairs or that of culture, which has less than 10,000 incumbents.

►Four categories, from A+ to C

Civil service jobs are classified into four categories: A+ for the highest civil servants, then A, B and C. Category D has disappeared since 1988.

The distribution varies enormously between the different public functions. The state has large battalions in category A which represents half of its workforce (with teachers). It also stands out by concentrating most of the agents classified A +. These are a total of 107,800, including more than 90,000 in the service of the State.

Conversely, the territorial public service has many more enforcement agents than the others. It has a very large majority of category C civil servants, which accounts for 75% of its workforce.

► 63% women, average age 44

The typical profile of the civil servant would be a 44-year-old woman. Women represent almost two thirds of the effects of public officials (63%). An imbalance that affects all three sides, but is particularly marked in the hospital public service, which has more than 70% women.

Women are also very numerous in the territorial civil service (more than 60% of the workforce) and remain in the majority in the State civil service (61%).

In terms of age, the average of the three civil services is 44 years old. This is two years older than the average age of private sector employees. Agents over the age of 50 are much more numerous in the territorial public service (43%) than in the other public services (less than a third).

►€2,378 net monthly on average

According to government figures, the average monthly net salary of a civil servant reached €2,378 in 2020. This is slightly less than the average remuneration in the private sector, which reached €2,518.

The state civil service, which has more executives, has a higher average salary (€2,639) than the hospital civil service (€2,464). Territorial civil servants are less well off, with just over €2,000 per month (2019).

Salaries obviously vary greatly according to the categories. A category A agent earned an average of €3,012 per month. But the figure drops to €1,882 for a category C civil servant.


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