Next Washington Commanders Odds Owner: Jeff Bezos First Candidate

Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder continues to make headlines, and none of them are good. Meanwhile, his team (currently run day-to-day by his wife and co-owner, Tanya), struggles to win or cover on betting apps.

Past allegations of workplace misconduct (including allegations of sexual harassment, racism, witness intimidation, etc.) in the Washington organization put Snyder in the hot seat, and alleged financial malpractices put him on even looser ground among the 31 other NFL owners.

At this point, most team owners would be headed down a forced sale route, but Snyder instead dug his heels in, seemingly promising to bring down multiple owners and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell by exposing the “dirt on his colleagues if he is kicked out of the league.

So far, no action has been taken and nothing is planned. But a pressure offseason could change things. Bookies.com bettor Adam Thompson has revealed his NFL futures odds on who will own the Washington Commanders for the 2023-24 season.

Owner of the Washington Commanders in 2023

Owner Odds Implied probability
Dan Synder +150 40.%
Jeff Bezos +200 33.3%
Ted Lener +750 11.8%
Steve Ballmer +850 10.5%
Behdad Eghbail Group +1000 9.1%
Byron Allen +1500 6.3%
Field +1000 9.1%

Odds are projected and do not reflect odds that may be available on legal betting sites.

Snyder has been the black sheep of NFL owners. It started with a report of poor working conditions, before moving on to allegations that COs hid ticket revenue from reports, reducing the amount they had to share with the rest of the league. This latest report has started to really turn the owners against Snyder.

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An NFL owner can be eliminated if 24 of the other 31 owners accept such a decision. So what’s the heist?

Snyder reportedly promised to publicize an unspecified number of transgressions committed by other billionaire NFL owners. If he goes down, he takes others with him. And so, despite all the trouble the commanders had under Snyder’s watch, a vote did not take place and was not expected at this week’s NFL owners’ meeting in New York.

Colts owner Jim Irsay disrupted the base before the meeting by admitting there was merit in removing Snyder. Snyder issued his ultimatum over the comments (he’s not at the owners’ meeting; Snyder’s wife, Tanya, co-owner and co-CEO, represents the team) and those close to him say he won’t sell. never never. He even reportedly hired private detectives to dig up more dirt on his co-owners.

But he could be kicked out, and it could happen this offseason. If he is gone, who intervenes? The estimated $5-6 billion price tag won’t scare everyone.

Potential new owner of Washington Commanders

Jeff Bezos makes sense. He is one of the richest men in the world, with almost 200 billion dollars. He wants to own his own team, and his dream team to own is, supposedly, these commanders. If Snyder is forced to sell, few could win a bidding war with the Amazon founder (who also owns The Washington Post).

Ted Lener will almost surely put his name in the hat. The real estate mogul bought the Washington Nationals and turned them into a World Series team. He’s the local boy who did well, who grew up in the DC area before going to George Washington University. Lerner’s net worth is just under $5 billion, so he would need a group of investors. Lerner is also looking to sell the Nationals, which could add another $2 billion to his net worth. The city is full of billionaires and he would certainly be the first choice to lead a local group.

Steve Ballmer owns the Clippers and is the richest team owner in American sports, with nearly $100 billion (he co-founded Microsoft). He considered eventually buying the Broncos, so his interest in joining the NFL ranks is there. He’s also working on plans for a $1.2 billion arena for the Clippers (not the Lakers), so that level of stadium construction would be welcome in an NFL still dealing with the hapless FedExField. .

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Behdad Eghbali and Jose Feliciano, billionaire co-founders of Clearlake Capital, want to own an NFL team. They reportedly made a bid to own a significant portion of Commanders in 2019, but Snyder blocked the move. They also planned to do a primary bid on the Broncos, but that team went to the family owners of Walmart.

The NFL has made it clear it would like more minority stakes, giving Eghbali and Feliciano an edge. The same goes for Byron Allen, who made an offer when the Broncos were up for sale and said in August he would buy the next available NFL franchise.

The field has several intriguing names and it’s always possible someone out of left field will make a huge offer. Notably, Jay Z, the rapper whose name has also been tossed about in NBA circles and who has the connections. He is tagged part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, although his share is only one percent.

What would you say donald trump? The NFL probably doesn’t want to replace a divisive figure with one of the top divisive figures in the world, but interest and financial support (and his friendships within the ownership group) give him an outside chance.

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