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Mrs. Harris’s Trip to Paris (2022): Movie Reviews

Director: Antoine Fabien.
With: Lesley Manville, Isabelle Huppert, Alba Baptista, Lambert Wilson.

Written by Anthony Fabian (“Skin”), Carroll Cartwright (“What Do We Do With Maisie?”), Olivia Hetreed (“Girl With A Pearl Earring”) and Keith Thompson (“The Sapphires”).


London, year 1957.
Ava Harris (Lesley Manville) works cleaning houses for wealthy people.
Her husband disappeared during the war.
One day, she discovers a Christian Dior dress which she falls in love with. You want to have one, but you don’t have enough money.
With her friend Violet (Ellen Thomas), she projects her dream of going to Paris.
Little by little, he manages to accumulate the necessary money and leaves for the French capital…


Adapted from a novel by Paul Gallico.

Its first part, without offering anything special, pleases with its period packaging in pastel colors, its friendly presentation of the characters in a fairy tale format, its logical motifs, and the fixation of the main theme: the struggle to achieve a dream. personal on a path of economic and social obstacles, with a light satire on snobbery, on classism.

mrs-harris-goes-paris-reviewThe means to achieve this are forced… but it shows.
There is a balance.

The final part is not so beautiful.
Easy messages are launched, demagogy intersects with the improbable in attitudes, and too many cumulative artifices are created with a hagiographic look at the central female character.

Tokens in Aloha Picky

Isabelle Huppert
Alba Baptist
Jason Isaac

Source : BBN NEWS

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