Militant, delicate, breathless… The cinema releases of October 5

♦ Tori and Lokita ***

by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

Belgian film, 1 h 28

Awarded the prize of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, Tori and Lokita is one of the darkest and strongest films of the Dardenne brothers. Through the characters of the little orphan Tori and the teenager Lokita, young migrants from Africa who arrived in France, the two filmmakers underline the insensitivity of our society to the fate of the most fragile.

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♦ A beautiful morning ***

by Mia Hansen-Love

French film, 1 h 52

In this delicate and touching film, Mia Hansen-Løve sublimates daily life, intertwining joy and suffering. Sandra (Léa Seydoux, particularly moving) raises her daughter alone and takes care of her father, Georg, suffering from a neurodegenerative disease. As she patiently accompanies him, she finds a childhood friend, Clément, who is now married.

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♦ November **

by Cedric Jimenez

French film, 1 h 45

After North ferry, November by Cédric Jimenez focuses on the hunt for two Bataclan terrorists by the police officers of the anti-terrorist sub-directorate. Alongside a prestigious cast, with Anaïs Demoustier and Jérémie Renier, a promising generation of young actors is brought to the screen.

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The Origin of Evil **

by Sebastien Marnier

French film, 2 h 05

When she is put on the street by her landlady, Stéphane, an employee in a fish cannery, turns to her father, whom she has never known. Invited to the luxurious family home in Porquerolles, she enters a chilling camera. In this dark comedy, Sébastien Marnier paints a scathing portrait of a toxic family.

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A woman of our time *

by Jean-Paul Civeyrac

French film, 1 h 36

An honest and flexible policeman, Juliane has been coping for five years with the absence of her deceased sister, but also with the infidelity of her husband. Flat dialogues, strong staging, acting without nuance… Jean-Paul Civeyrac’s new film is perplexing.

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