Migos: Death of Takeoff, the last trapper

The most discreet member of the Migos, superstar rapper Takeoff was shot and killed on the night of November 1 in Houston. He was 28 years old.

“Over a dice game…” (“For a game of dice…”). Between the sudden shock of having lost a great rapper and the all-too-common despondency of seeing him join an overly long list of rappers murdered in recent years (PnB Rock, Drakeo The Ruler, Young Dolph, Pop Smoke, XXXTentacion, Nipsey Hussle…), it is through this painful and distressing announcement that we learned of the death of Takeoff, member of the Migos trio, killed on the night of 1er November at a Houston bowling alley.

According to the tabloid TMZ, city authorities were notified around 2:30 a.m. that a man had been shot dead in a bowling alley following a shooting. According to several police sources and witnesses, during the night of Halloween, an altercation broke out while Takeoff and Quavo (his uncle and member of the Migos) were in the middle of a game of dice. If the latter was not touched, two people were wounded by bullets and his nephew Takeoff, Kirshnik Khari Ball of his real name, died. He was only 28 years old.

The Specter of Migos

Between Offset’s escapades alongside rapper Cardi B and Quavo’s status as the hit and chorus-maker for all post-2015 pop and rap, he’s, almost ironically, the least exposed of the three Migos. who tragically left us. Always hidden behind a pair of high fashion sunglasses, far from the spotlight despite the gold chains and faithful to the end to his companions (despite the departure of Offset from the group), Takeoff was so exemplary that he will even go as far as ‘to refuse any guest – a very classy scuttling – on his one and only solo album released in 2018.

Like a symbol from elsewhere, the moment when the trio will burst the glass ceiling – that of rap, of the music industry, of pop culture, all at the same time – with the finesse of a bulldozer, with the tube Bad and Boujee (2016), will be done without him, ousted in favor of a brilliant verse from the singular Lil Uzi Vert and offering the world a formidable same during an interview conducted by DJ Akademiks (“Do i look like i’m left off bad and boujee”). But those who already knew the group revealed by the mixtape YRN (Young Rich N***as) carried by the unstoppable Versace and Hannah Montanain 2013, knew the importance of Takeoff: undeniably the best rapper of the trio, a great watchmaker of the triplet flow and gold-plated spine of the Migos.

Internal clock

In a short funeral oration posted on Twitter, journalist Jeff Weiss aptly expounds: “Rest in peace Takeoff, the secret weapon of one of the best trios since the Magi. A staccato stylist, your favorite tech rapper, straight out of the trap [“trap” en anglais] with a half-million chain around his neck, spitting colorful and deceptively complex punchlines, always copied but never with the same verve, nor the same charisma.” A touching, flattering and hopelessly accurate description of what the world of rap and music just lost this 1er November: a marker of his time, a superb rapper-inventor.

Because Kirshnik Khari Ball’s rapper alter-ego was all that: a metronome for him (his hypnotic staccato-flow) and for his peers (martial, he gave the way to Quavo and Offset), a sequence of ideas and images at the service of technology, an engineer more than a wizard of rhyme, state-of-the-art machinery. We will remember this epiphany for a long time during the We Love Green 2016 festival: Takeoff, a sleeping dragon and jetlagged during the first third of the concert, waking up spitting fire on his immense verse of Narcos and transforming the Parc de Vincennes into a furnace. To never die again.

However, it is for the inspirations of the Revenant in the cult clip of T-shirt (and his formidable entry on the track) as well as his resistance to the canons of mainstream rap, which will only rarely have parasitized his love of pure and hard trap, which we would canonize Takeoff as the “last trapper” – absurd though timely reference to Nicolas Vanier’s film – in a final outpouring of deference to the king of triplet flow. But faced with the duty to set an example imposed by Takeoff himself, it would be lying and forgetting that with Migos, he will have orbited, inspired and then perpetuated the trap current in the upper echelons of the music industry, so that it survives him. for ever. Erased behind the trio, entirely devoted to the genre, Takeoff is no more, but the trap still lives.

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