meter reading will become chargeable for certain customers not equipped with Linky

The reading of electricity meters will become chargeable from January 1, 2023 for customers who are not equipped with a Linky meter and who have not sent Enedis a self-reading during the last 12 months, indicated the manager of the network of Enedis electricity distribution.

His clients “will be charged reading fees relating to the specific management of the reading of old generation meters”or €8.48 every 2 months, explained the manager.

This billing concerns customers who “are not equipped with a Linky meter and who have not sent a self-reading during the last 12 months” And this “despite sending several written communications and appeals”. These fees “are of course stopped in the event of the installation of a Linky meter”said Enedis.

90% of households equipped

This so-called communicating meter allows in particular the remote reading of consumption practically in real time, without the presence of the customer.

When customers do not wish to be equipped with a Linky meter, “It is up to them to provide us at least once a year a self-survey”, in accordance with a deliberation of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) taken this year, explains Enedis. And in this case, no respite fee applies.

The massive deployment of Linky meters was completed at the end of 2021 with 90% of households equipped. Since then, Enedis has continued to install these meters for all customers who want them. A million meters were installed in 2022, specifies the manager. To date, 36.4 million homes are equipped.


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