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Marine Tondelier, an activist to carry the EELV flag

“Another Navy is possible. » Modeled on the anti-globalization slogan ” Another world is possible “, the formula had been imagined by his political friends during his first electoral campaigns, after he joined the Greens at 22 years old. Marine Tondelier, favorite to become Saturday, December 10 the new national secretary of Europe Ecology-The Greens, is indeed elected where Marine Le Pen has set her sights since 2007.

“Being an opposition municipal councilor in Hénin-Beaumont is an unparalleled schoolexplains the one who was born, grew up and still lives in the city of Pas-de-Calais managed by the National Rally. I learned on the job not to be intimidated, to react to sexist attacks – and not just from the extreme right. » Within her party, she has also created a working and mutual aid group entitled “Militate in adversity”.

Unlike her namesake, Marine Tondelier, 36, is a child of Hénin-Beaumont. His grandparents lived in the two former municipalities merged in the 1970s: some in Hénin-Liétard, industrial, the others in Beaumont-en-Artois, agricultural. For her, the question of soil artificialization is not only conceptual, since her family’s old fields have been concreted to become a link in the commercial area which extends along the A1 motorway to Noyelles-Godault.

A graduate of Sciences Po Lille, Marine Tondelier initially turned towards a career as a hospital executive, health and ecology being necessarily intertwined, in general and in particular in the mining basin of Pas-de-Calais affected by silicosis and lead poisoning. . “The most environmentally ill territory in France, where social and ecological injustices are linked”, she analyzes. Eventually, the daughter of the North will devote herself fully to her commitments. Professionally, as, today, salaried general delegate of a federation of air quality monitoring associations. Politically, by climbing the ranks of the leadership of young ecologists and then of EELV. Within the outgoing executive office, she was both co-treasurer and delegate for summer days.

Ideologically, the one that was noticed by Cécile Duflot embodies the majority current of the party, whose motion is intended to follow, on a ridge line between pragmatism and radicalism. Nor the right wing, represented by Yannick Jadot. Nor the left wing, embodied by Sandrine Rousseau and Géraldine Boÿer. Basically, Marine Tondelier assumes a “radical ecology” compatible with La France insoumise, from “ecofeminism” to the break with productivism, whether liberal or socialist. Strategically, however, it wants a “ecologist and federalist list”independent of LFI, in the European elections of 2024. In short, without renewing the Nupes of the legislative elections.

On the form, it also displays its concern to build a “responsible and desirable social project” and “a majority culture of conquest and exercise of power”. She protests against “the twitterization of politics”from the name of the popular social network of political figures, that is to say “the search for the little phrase or the controversy that allows a person to break the sound barrier… while the collective goes into the wall at all”. Getting alarmed: “The activist that I am, like many others, is fed up. Each time, it is the benefit of weeks of work in the field and background that fly away. »

Catholic, Marine Tondelier rejoiced, in an investigation of The cross on “Faith and Politics”, than with Pope Francis “the Church no longer appears only as an institution that clings to values ​​that are behind their time, but as the spearhead of an awareness of ecology or human migrations”. Indeed, many Christians might find themselves in his insistence on the “sensitivity to life”in his view that “the laws of economics are not above the laws of nature”or in his advocacy of a “cooperative ecological society” and one “economy of the commons”.


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