Marilyn Monroe’s transformation from childhood to 36

In 1961, Marilyn Monroe made her last screen appearance in “The Misfits”, written by her husband Arthur Miller and directed by John Huston. The film saw Monroe transform both her appearance and what was expected of her as an actress. Her signature curls were replaced with sleeker, longer braids, complete with side bangs, and she donned a white cherry-print dress.

Monroe portrayed Roslyn, a sensitive divorcee who falls in love with an older man. In one of the film’s most harrowing scenes, she vehemently takes issue with the way her rodeo buddies, played by Clark Gable, who died shortly after filming, and Montgomery Clift, treat animals, per L ‘independent. “The Misfits” ultimately served as a showcase of what Monroe could have achieved as an actress had she lived, instead of being limited to silly roles.

While filming, Miller found himself romantically involved with photographer Inge Morath, per Vanity Fair. Subsequently, he separated from Monroe and married Morath. Subsequently, Monroe began her descent into a downward spiral, having been locked up in a mental hospital without her consent. Monroe, who had simply asked for help for insomnia, begged the guards to release her; they refused, believing that her cries for help proved that she was psychotic. “I felt like I was in some kind of prison for a crime I didn’t commit,” she wrote in a letter. “The inhumanity there, I found it archaic. In the end, her ex, Joe DiMaggio, saved her from this terrible ordeal.

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