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M3gan (2022): Movie Reviews

Directed by: Gerard Johnstone.
Starring: Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Amie Donald, Brian Jordan Alvarez.

Written by Akela Cooper (“Luke Cage”).


Gemma (Allison Williams), a robotics engineer working for Funki, gets custody of her niece, Cady (Violet McGraw), after her parents are killed in an accident.
Gemma has created an android, M3gan, a doll with artificial intelligence that she tests at home as Cady’s company.
Things seem to be going well until M3gan decides to disobey and act violently on his own.


Movie about artificial intelligence with horror touches starring a humanoid doll named M3gan.

M3gan is the absolute protagonist.

It’s a hyper-realistic robot with a candid image (dressed as a porcelain doll from the last century) who quickly forms a close bond with Cady, the niece of its creator, which leads to tragic events.

Little by little, M3gan will turn into a perfect evil being.

megan-m3gan-review-reviewThe film puts on the table several issues related to artificial intelligence: the responsibility of AI in intervening in people’s lives; the emotional dependence of these people; and, above all, the dangers to society that self-learning overcomes security and control blocks, so that they end up making their own (and bad) decisions.

It doesn’t delve too deeply into any of these themes, progressing the story towards violence and terror.

The main “human” protagonist is an immature engineer, Gemma, unable to take on the new situation and relying on AI to manage the care of her niece, a girl who clings to the immediate connection to M3gan with a violent and disconcerting anger. .

This reflects the dangers of abusing childcare technology.

The film goes through moments that are not very believable and predictable.

His interest is gradually lost when he exploits the aforementioned terrifying aspect with situations reminiscent of other previous films, such as “Chucky” from the “Devil’s Doll” or “Annabelle”, until he reaches unleashing at the climax, leaving open the possibility of a sequel.


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