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Liz Truss, latest victim of Brexit

It was inevitable. Elected on September 5 by only 0.2% of the British electorate, namely 72,000 members of the Conservative Party, on an extremely risky and unquantified economic program of massive tax cuts and increased public spending at the height of the period inflation, Liz Truss is no longer Prime Minister since Thursday, October 20. His downfall was only a matter of days. Exactly 28 days since the announcement of its unorthodox so-called “growth” budget. And 44 days after arriving at 10 Downing Street – making her the shortest-lived leader in the post in UK history.

The reaction of the markets, leading in particular to a historic plunge in the price of the pound sterling against the dollar, was like an electroshock of reality for an entire country. The reality, this commodity has become rare in a country where ideology has reigned supreme since the night of the referendum of June 23, 2016 on leaving the European Union. This referendum, let us remember, was the idea of ​​Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to put an end to the internal quarrels of the Tory party.

“Welcome to Britain”

Its result, which will lead to Brexit, will have ultimately had the effect of imploding one of the largest and oldest political parties in the world. The irony is cruel. And, when, this week, the British magazine The Economist title with a certain arrogance “Welcome to Britain”Liz Truss holding up a pizza and covered in spaghetti as a blanket, insinuating by this that Great Britain has become as unstable as Italy, we would like to warn them friendly that the situation is much more serious.

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The British parliamentary system only generates large and strong majorities, and coalitions are rare. The political implosion across the Channel, which we are witnessing with a mixture of amazement and sadness, bears no resemblance to the evils of transalpine politics. It is the result of a single and unique poison called Brexit, designed by a clique and imposed on an entire country with great reinforcements of lies.

If with each new crisis and each new British Prime Minister – we are now the fifth in six years – foreign observers think that Britain has just hit rock bottom and will finally come to its senses, then new extravagances follow. ask: could the worst be yet to come? After the resignation of Liz Truss this afternoon, the conservative party must change its internal rules for appointing a new leader so that a new vote takes place by All Saints’ Day (and not in two months).

It would seem that Rishi Sunak, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, finalist in the last Conservative game last summer, and who had warned of the danger of a Truss government, is the favorite to take over the reins of the country. However, a campaign has already started on social media to bring back Boris Johnson, who is currently on vacation in the Caribbean. Yes, Boris Johnson, the very one who was pushed out by various scandals last July.

Very popular with conservative activists, he has his chances. Labor and Keir Starmer, their leader, may clamor for an early general election, but the Conservative Party is legally entitled to install one of its own as head of government again, and even a former Prime dismissed minister. So, Boris Johnson’s return for Halloween? The last six years in Britain have taught us that anything is possible.



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