Lawyer Says Alec Baldwin’s Surprise Settlement Suggests Criminal Probe Is Worse Than We Thought – Exclusive

While the financial settlement between Halyna Hutchins’ family and Alec Baldwin marks the end of his civil lawsuits, there’s still a chance the state of New Mexico could file a lawsuit against the actor. In an exclusive written comment provided by Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Joshua Ritter – a partner at Werksman Jackson & Quinn LLP and a former Los Angeles County prosecutor – the attorney noted that he is in “weird” that this wrongful death case was settled so soon.

“Typically, a civil case will wait in the wings until a criminal case is resolved,” Ritter explained. “This decision may indicate that the producers and Baldwin realized that criminal allegations are forthcoming, given the district attorney’s recent request for funding regarding this case, and they felt they needed to reach a quick agreement to get out. now before things get bad. worse. »

Shortly after Matthew Hutchins’ announcement, a spokesperson for the New Mexico district attorney’s office confirmed to Fox News that Matthew’s settlement will have “no impact” on whether criminal charges will be brought. brought against Baldwin. That decision will ultimately rest with current district attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies. ” The prosecutor … [is] only trying to decide if a crime has been committed, and if they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt,” Ritter explained. “If the answer to both of those questions is ‘yes’, they’ll likely lay criminal charges.

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