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kyiv retains military initiative, Britain reaffirms support

► “More than 450 localities liberated in the Kharkiv region alone”, says Zelensky

Ukrainian forces retain the initiative on the ground and continue their advance in eastern Ukraine after seizing the strategic town of Lyman on Sunday, while maintaining pressure on the Russian army in the Kherson region (south).

On Monday evening, October 3, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky affirmed that from now on “more than 450 localities” have been “liberated in the Kharkiv region alone” (northeast).

In the Donbass basin, the loss of Lyman, in the Donetsk region annexed by Moscow, is a major setback for the Russian army, unable at this stage to control all of the territories it occupies.

► Russian forces forced to establish new front line

The capture by the Ukrainian army of the town of Lyman, an important railway junction, poses a serious problem for the Russian forces, on the defensive and forced to establish a new front line.

In the Kherson region, almost 90% controlled by the Russians, the Ukrainian army continues its offensive to try to encircle the Russians deployed on the west bank of the Dnieper river from the north and east. But “the situation remains complicated, hostilities continue”commented the Ukrainian presidency on Monday.

According to Kyiv, “the enemy is looking for ways to improve the logistical supply of its troops, continues to set up alternative (water) crossings and repairs near the Antonivsky and Kakhovka bridges” above the river.

► Élisabeth Borne announces financial aid for Ukrainian refugee hosts

Financial assistance will be paid from the end of November for French households who “welcome displaced Ukrainians to their homes”announced Elisabeth Borne Monday, October 3 before the National Assembly.

“I want to pay tribute (…) and thank all the communities that are mobilizing, organizing solidarity and allowing the reception and schooling of Ukrainian refugees. Finally, I am thinking of all our fellow citizens who have signed up. We have to support them”, she declared in the introduction to a parliamentary debate on the situation in Ukraine and its repercussions in France. The amount of the aid is not yet known.

► Great Britain promises to stand by Ukraine “until victory”

Britain has the stamina to stand alongside Ukraine “until victory”promises its Minister of Foreign Affairs James Cleverly in a speech he is to deliver on Tuesday before the annual conference of the Conservative Party.

James Cleverly also planned in his speech to reaffirm London’s unwavering support for Ukraine’s efforts to repel Russian forces and never to acknowledge Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territory, according to excerpts from that speech. “We are not commentators. We are actors on the ground, we make a difference by defending our values ​​(…)”says the minister according to these extracts.

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