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Kings Against Santa (2022): Movie Reviews

Address: Paco Caballero.
Performers: Karra Elejalde, David Verdaguer, Matias Janick, Andrés Almeida.

With a script by Benjamín Herranz (“Lord, give me patience”), Carmen López-Areal (“La Voz Dormida”), Jelen Morales (“Los Hombres De Paco”) and Eric Navarro (“The Longest Way return”) .


The Three Kings, Melchor (Karra Elejalde), Gaspar (David Verdaguer) and Baltasar (Matías Janick) are upset because Santa Claus (Andrés Almeida) usurps their presence in the Christmas parade, organized in the magical world by the organization CHUSMA
However, the Kings will eventually ally with Santa Claus to fight the Krampus, who have possessed Mayor Sandoval (Adal Ramones).


Family Christmas movie.

Its authors could opt for black humor, satire, rogue jokes… but no, the fantastic comic plot is as white and candid as it is trivial, surely centered on the most childish audience.

critics-of-kings-against-santa-clausThe kings mingle with the peasantry, there are even amorous flirtations, and the story, with a very lukewarm tension between the protagonists, serves to meditate on the good vibes of the time, friendship, respect for those who are different and union against a common enemy. , to four who vibrate in front of their faithful like a rock supergroup.

A light-wasting friendly mayor appears, girls awakening magical monarchs, and anachronism is used a lot.

The whole lacks brilliance, more rhythm and comic spirit.

Tokens in Aloha Picky

Karra Elejalde


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