Ken Jennings’ rare photo of his son is really turning heads

In his interview with Lifehacker, Ken Jennings revealed that the parenting advice he values ​​the most is to create as many happy memories with your children as possible before they grow up. Although Jennings’ son left the nest, he did not stop watching baseball with his father. Jennings shared a photo of Dylan at a Seattle Mariners game and couldn’t resist this “Jeopardy!” champion urges to include some anecdotes. “The last time his team qualified for the playoffs, this guy was not born yet. He had just started his second year at university. Congratulations @Mariners! » tweeted the Seattle native.

In response to the photo, some fans commented on how much Dylan looked like his dad, but one aspect of his appearance stood out. “Does long hair stop people from saying, ‘You look like that guy from Jeopardy,’ or does he still have to put up with that anyway?” » read a Tweeter.

Along with sharing his dad’s looks, Dylan obviously inherited Jennings’ penchant for jokes. Jennings occasionally shares some of his yarn ideas with his followers, but he is not always impressed by his offspring’s attempts to be witty. “My son just threw a joke at me on Twitter: ‘Why do they call it the Sun instead of a radiator? » » Jennings tweeted in 2017. “Like getting it adopted, RT to get it killed. »

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