Kanye West, back on a descent into hell

This year, the American musician has exceeded all limits by venturing into the terrain of rancid anti-Semitism, after having multiplied conspiratorial provocations. A nauseating ideological background that does not come from nowhere.

Never, in memory, have we seen a more spectacular descent into hell in pop culture than the one Kanye West is performing. The slide into ignominy was certainly already well underway, years ago, when the administratively renowned rapper Ye decided to go to the most nauseating show on the American conspiratorial web, Infowars.

But even knowing what trouble Kanye was going to get into, the result exceeded all that we feared. So much so that even the host, the abject Alex Jones – recently ordered to pay a billion dollars to the parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings whom he accused of being actors, story of locating the specimen – was flabbergasted and tried several times to stretch out poles to his guest to get him out of the mire in which he was sinking cheerfully. In vain.

An example, among the dozens that marked these three hours of lunar appearance in a motocross suit and full hood:

– Kanye West: “I love Hitler. There are really a lot of things that I love about him.

–Alex Jones: “I know as a designer you love Hugo Boss clothes, great clothes… But you don’t love Hitler…

– Kanye West: “Yes, there are plenty of things I love about Hitler. […] He seemed like a cool guy. He had a cool uniform. He was a super cool architect too. And he didn’t kill six million Jews, that’s factually wrong.”

Express radicalization

When even Alex Jones appears more measured than you, it’s because there aren’t many people on your right. There was, in fact, only one person on the set who could fulfill this function: Nick Fuentes, a 25-year-old neo-Nazi with whom the rapper currently hangs out more than reason. And for those who, ignoring the many signs of radicalization identified for ages, continue to put these Holocaust deniers on the account of unhealthy provocativeness or his proverbial bipolarity, Kanye put the cover back on December 6 at a neo-fascist notorious, Gavin McInnes (co-founder of the Proud Boys, some of whose members are in prison after the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021), calling on Jews to “forgive hitler”. So he insists.

You have to listen to Ye. Listen to him as one should always listen to fascists. And take them seriously. It’s sad but that’s the way it is: Kanye’s recent bullshit, however “delusional” it may be (fascism is a delirium), form a coherence. They don’t come from nowhere, they go somewhere. They are the result of an ideological sedimentation from multiple but connected sources.

And if there is something a little comforting in the change of name, from Doctor West to Mister Ye, which allows us to tell ourselves that the genius musician we loved so much and the masked nazillon are two different people , it is unfortunately a decoy. We would like these two letters, Y and E, to be nothing more than the symptom of intimate overheating; today they are the name of an ideology which, however chaotic and syncretic it may be, forms a system, in a world – and a nation in particular –, it must be said, particularly favorable to such monsters of Frankenstein.

The question of religion

Three pillars can be identified. The first is religious, and it is on this that most of Kanye West’s strange “thought” rests today. As we know, the Chicago native had a mystical revelation in 2019 – maybe a little before, but it was then, while promoting his album jesus is king, that it was widely echoed. “jesus is king” is moreover an expression that he repeated several times during his verbal diarrhea at Alex Jones.

As a good Christiannew born“Kanye”love everyone”because “Jesus loves everyone”. He loves Hitler, yes, but he also loves Jews. He even likes the one he accuses of orchestrating his “cancel” campaign, the powerful agent Ari Emanuel, who happens to be Jewish. But that’s okay, because by talking to him, Kanye will know how to find and kill the demon in him. Thanks to love, he will be able to bring him back on the right path, that of “Jesus our king”. This is more or less what he said at the microphone of Alex Jones, who could not believe it. But this word is not isolated. Many pastors preach this kind of speech in the United States, and if those who officially accompanied the rapper in his reconversion are a little more moderate (Joel Osteen, Adam Tyson), he was visibly radicalized.

Black conservatism as support

The second pillar is political (and partly linked to the first): it is black conservatism. It was through activist Candace Owens that Kanye was exposed to these ideas and crystallized his recent worldview. The first time he brought up his name in public was in an April 2018 tweet, in which he praised the “way of thinking” from the director of the Red Pill Black site and leader of the Blacks for Trump movement. It was a few months before going to discuss with the president in the oval office, a MAGA cap screwed on the head.

More recently, it was in the company of Owens that Kanye wore a White Lives Matter t-shirt during a fashion show in Paris on October 3 – the starting point of his great leap into the void. In the name of black conservatism, Kanye West first explained on TMZ that African Americans were slaves “by choice”causing a first outcry (which could still be put, at the time, on the back of his legendary confusionism).

In recent years, and especially during his candidacy for the presidency in 2020, he has had plenty of time to develop one’s ideology. In short, hisbrothers” have to get out of theirposture of victims”lead their lives in the “moral righteousness”alcohol-free, drug-free, premarital sex-free (and abortion-free), and most importantly, stumbling block,”get rich” like him to finally be heard. As if its success could be replicated by millions of people…

It is hardly surprising that such a speech allowed Kanye, even “canceled” by the “liberal elites(Adidas, Balenciaga, vogue and almost all of the media…), to become a conservative idol: he is interviewed by the all-powerful Fox News columnist Tucker Carlson (who nevertheless took care ofrefine his most incendiary remarks), considered by elected Republicans as the standard-bearer of the MAGA movement like Elon Musk and Donald Trumpis a guest at the latter’s table at Mar-A-Lago and soon-to-be boss of the far-right social network Parler, which its owner, the husband of Candace Owens, almost sold him a fortune

The swing into sectarianism

But boom: Kanye relied on the third pillar, the one we will call sectarian. And he suddenly became radioactive. Even Donald Trump had to take this distanceunder pressure from his Jewish and Israeli supporters, furious that he had accepted a Holocaust denier like Nick Fuentes at his table.

Ye’s newfound obsession with Jews stems in part from Nation of Islam by Louis Farrakhanan old Islamist, anti-Semitic and black supremacist preacher (incidentally suspected of being jointly responsible for the assassination of Malcolm X), on whom Kanye rapped in All Day in 2015 : “Just talked to Farrakhan, that’s sensei” (a sensei is a martial arts master).

Even more radical, Black Hebrew Israelites explain as for them that the African-Americans are the true descendants of the Hebrews and that the current Jews are impostors, who pull all the strings in the shadows to keep their victims in ignorance and slavery, even to make them undergo a genocide. Like basketball player Kyrie Irving (who shared a link to their anti-Semitic documentary on Twitter in October Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America), Ye was clearly under the influence of this group when he told Piers Morgan in October: “I am a person classified as black, I classify as Jewish. I want to prove that I am first and foremost a Jew. Do your research on it. Our culture has been taken from us.

No one knows how much longer and how far Kanye West will go in his journey through hell. It is notable, however, that of the nine circles described by Dante, after the sixth, devoted to heresy, the next is the circle of violence.


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