Indochina and the Cultural Desert of the Far Right

On January 7, the Indochine group, headliner of the Les Déferlantes festival which will take place from July 6 to 9 in the south of France, issued an ultimatum on its networks after learning with amazement that the event which was to take place in the town of Céret (Pyrénées-Orientales) was finally relocated to Perpignan, a city in the hands of the National Rally.

The group will not play if the organizers do not find a new site: “Yesterday morning, we were faced with the fait accompli, that the festival Les Déferlantes […] moved to Perpignan instead of the site originally planned. Last night the RN mayor of Perpignan tweeted that he was happy to host the festival. We expressly ask the management of Les Déferlantes to move this festival to another location, otherwise we will cancel our visit.

The city councilor, Louis Aliot, who there is no doubt that he listens to Indochine on a loop, but also Gazo, Josman and Tiakola, also scheduled this year, had indeed declared in a tweet since deleted: “I am proud to welcome the festival Les Déferlantes in Perpignan which will make our city shine.” A message perceived as an attempt by the far-right party to take over a major cultural event in the region. And even if, let’s be honest, any elected official in France would have welcomed the news with the same enthusiasm, something sticks in our throats every time the RN seizes the opportunity to carve out a frequentable party pants.

Looking for a municipality

Still, in the wake of the band speaking to Sirkis, the group Louise Attaque also put its participation in the balance, when some castigated the silence of the programmed rappers (we stay in France, it would be a shame to do not beat on rap, even when you are fighting at the same time against Le Pen and others). Result of the races, after having “taken note”, the festival has decided to look for a new municipality to host this 2023 edition. Should we really be happy?

I didn’t grow up in a far-right city, but rumor has it that the cultural life there is sad to cry, that budgets are reduced to nothing and that requests for subsidies made to the town hall often remain dead letters, when they are not belittled with filthy good looks. Should these cultural deserts be allowed to become even drier? Should we stigmatize 47% of the registered population who did not vote Aliot in the second round of municipal elections in 2020? Should we leave the kids, who have nothing to do with the inept choices of their parents at the polls, without cause for excitement this summer?

Playing in Perpignan when your name is Indochine or Louise Attaque is not playing a World Cup in Qatar, where you risk prison for having slapped a rainbow t-shirt on your back : the power, and the recent satisfied ultimatums of the groups quoted above have proven it, is in the hands of the artists. It is up to them to make this event a political event, instead of carving out in turn, and for not much more, a suit of guys with exemplary morality. Not leaving a square centimeter of space to the extreme right also means going to piss in the garden of the extreme right.

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Source : BBN NEWS

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