In Villeurbanne, an unprecedented dialogue between cultural professionals and local elected officials

A more horizontal dialogue. This is what cultural professionals, representatives of departments or regions and local elected officials came to look for, meeting this Tuesday, November 29 in the grounds of the National Popular Theater (TNP), in Villeurbanne (Rhône). The location, a symbol of public theater in France, was not chosen by chance: the Syndeac, the main trade union for public performing arts, brought together four associations of elected officials – AMF, AMRF, France urbaine and Régions de France – for a working day around a theme: “Art and culture: public service in the territories”.

“When you are at the head of a theater or a performance hall, today, you realize that the relationship with our main partners, the Drac (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs) and local elected officials, is still very centralized: the State gives impetus and the local authorities adapt, which often creates blocking points on the ground! », says Nicolas Dubourg, president of Syndeac and director of the La Vignette theater in Montpellier. For him, the objective is clear: “to find amethod and a space for direct dialogue, over the long term”.

Agree on the place of culture

After a year of work, the union has convinced around thirty players – leaders of member cultural structures, mayors of urban or rural municipalities, heads of various culture commissions – to honor this very first meeting, without the presence of the ‘State. On the program of these eight hours of dialogue ” intense “according to Nicolas Dubourg, three missions: think about new cooperation tools, find the funding to act, but above all agree on the place of culture in the territories.

A permanent objective for Yvan Lubraneski, mayor of the municipality of Molières (Essonne) and vice-president of the Association of rural mayors of France (AMRF): “For a small village, for example, to be able to deploy a real cultural action, there are two things to be decided.pass : understand that culture is not just culture but also education and citizenship, and that it is not a bonus but a fact inner partegrante du economic development local ! »

A calendar of “construction sites” for 2023

The discussions helped to focus on pressing issues, such as budget constraints – “between the explosion of charges with the energy crisis and the need for wage increases in full inflation” –, explains Nicolas Dubourg. The other priority identified being “the articulation of the action of the State from the Drac to the municipality”, according to Yvan Lubraneski, who wishes to propose regular meetings with the cultural structures of the territory, and to highlight “examples of successful collaborations”.

The various avenues presented will be debated in the coming months to define a series of proposals and set the timetable for the first “construction sites” of the year 2023. By the end of the year, a first objective has been set: the drafting of a summary of these unprecedented exchanges.


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