In Sudan, a shared marriage

Before their paths crossed, Enas Nasraldin and Husamaldin Ali witnessed the same scenes. “Sudan’s health system is in very bad shape. Many patients come from afar. The relatives who accompany them are ruined because they have no space to cook”, says the first, doctor. “It has happened several times that, while giving medicine to a child, his parents tell me that they had not eaten”, adds the second, a volunteer with an NGO specializing in pediatric care.

So when they got married in early November, the couple gave up the usual celebrations. Instead, Husamaldin Ali and his friends cooked lamb and rice. Enough to serve hundreds of meals at Omdurman Children’s Hospital, Khartoum’s twin city. “We have fed the whole establishment, including the cleaning ladies and guards! », rejoices the young husband, his palms still blackened by the henna painted to seal the union.

A generosity that has gone viral

“When I’m invited to a wedding and see all the wasted food, it always reminds me of those people in needhe continues. So I refused to spend so much money for a few hours of partying. » At the price, of course, of the disappointment of his parents, and especially of his grandmother. “The size of marriage symbolizes the importance of family. But I asked them to respect my convictions. In our religion we have to share. God will reward us for this. »

Like most Sudanese, he and his wife are Muslims. “This act not only blesses our marriage but also the rest of our lives and our future children inshallah. emphasizes the latter. Indeed, if you help others, Allah helps you in return. » Their generosity has gone viral, despite themselves. The duo no longer counts Internet users from Sudan and elsewhere who have promised to imitate them the day they say “yes” to each other.


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