In “Special Envoy”, solutions to meet ecological challenges

“Special Envoy”: My life without oil

At 9:10 p.m. on France 2

Cars, clothes, household appliances… Petroleum and its derivative, plastic, have invaded our environment to such an extent that today we would not know how to do without it. However, this resource, which takes between 50 and 200 million years to form, will become scarce. “Thirty years from now, we will have between half and one tenth of the oil we have today,” prognosticates engineer Jean-Marc Jancovici, president of the Shift Project, in this alarming report which imagines the concrete consequences of this reduction and the means of adapting to it.

First project: the question of transport. Without gasoline, no more heat engines. Rather than scrapping millions of cars, a start-up is offering to turn them into electric vehicles. An attractive but expensive idea (€10,000, all the same!) and limited to light vehicles. Airbus engineers are working on the hydrogen plane, but its prototype will not fly before 2035!

A new environmental magazine

On the food side, the journalist Agathe Lanté meets a Drôme farmer, who traded his tractor for a team of horses, then a community of villagers consuming only food produced less than 200 kilometers away. Farewell, therefore, coffee and chocolate. The small company “Grain de Sail” may have found the solution: transporting the cocoa by sailboat with electronic assistance to avoid highly polluting cargo ships.

Innovating to face an uncertain future is also a necessity for the inhabitants of territories on the front line in the face of climate change. TV5 Monde’s new environmental magazine “À la vie, à la terre” is heading for its first issue (tonight at 9 p.m.) to the Magdalen Islands, Quebec. To recycle fishing waste, slow down coastal erosion or the disappearance of dunes, the archipelago with spectacular landscapes is transformed into an experimental laboratory.


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