In companies, telework is spreading

Telework, very uncommon before 2020, has entered the mores of companies thanks to the health crisis and confinements. According to one study by the research department of the Ministry of Labor (Dares) published on Wednesday November 23, the number of company agreements relating to teleworking has increased tenfold between 2017 and 2021, from 390 to 4,070.

Trade too

The practice is spreading in sectors hitherto not very fond of this mode of work organization, in particular trade, transport, accommodation and catering, as well as in the public sector. Small structures are also converting: in 2021, nearly half of teleworking agreements were signed in units with between 50 and 299 employees. In summary, teleworking is no longer the prerogative of employees of large banks.

Regarding the content of these agreements, Dares notes that a large majority of them (81%) provide for the provision of equipment, mainly a laptop computer. The employer may also provide a second screen, a mouse, or even office furniture.

Coverage of costs is very heterogeneous: in the agreements studied, the range of monthly compensation, when provided for, is between €8 and €80. One of the reasons given for not paying compensation is that teleworking is a choice of the employee.

Two days a week

Teleworking two days a week largely dominates, especially in small businesses. Agreements providing for the possibility of working four or more days per week only come from units employing 300 or more employees.

Seniority is a recurring criterion: on average, you must have been part of the company for at least three months to be eligible for telework. Most agreements make teleworking accessible only to employees on permanent contracts.

Source : BBN NEWS

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