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In Brazil, the presidential campaign is bogged down

Epidemiologist in Manaus, Jesem has not stopped feeling sorry since the start of the electoral campaign. Brazil has been one of the countries most affected by Covid-19 and the region of Manaus has been the epicenter of the Brazilian tragedy. However, the two presidential finalists still do not talk about health, ten days before the election.

“If a new pandemic were to strike, we would face the same crisis, laments Jesem from the capital of the Brazilian Amazon. Nothing has been done to prevent the next catastrophe, but no one talks about it. No more than education or the economy for that matter. There is no shortage of problems in the Brazil of 2022, however.

Invectives, not proposals

The last televised debate between former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (in power from 2003 to 2010) and the outgoing Jair Bolsonaro, Sunday October 16, confirmed it again: it was only a question of personal attacks , not proposals. Lula did accuse his opponent of ” neglect “ during the pandemic, but without mentioning the merits of the case. The Head of State, he replied on the theme of corruption, considering that Lula was “a national disgrace”.

“It seems to me that it is even worse than for the first round, observes Jesem with bitterness. Attacks are more aggressive. It must be said that they have no balance sheet to put forward. Bolsonaro has done nothing coherent, and if the two mandates of Lula are judged positively by the Brazilians, this is not the case of those of his runner-up, Dilma Rousseff, deposed in 2016.

And again, the candidates showed some reserve. Not long ago, Lula felt that the president’s recent remarks about young Venezuelan women corresponded to “pedophile behavior”

It is true that everything opposes the two finalists: on the right, a former soldier, displayed nostalgia for the dictatorship, supported by evangelicals; on the left, a former worker, a figure in the fight against the military, close to the Catholic left. The only common point? The rejection they elicit. Nearly 50% of Brazilians say they will never vote for Jair Bolsonaro, whatever the circumstances, and 42% say they are anti-Lula.

No one will grow out of this campaign

The campaign will not have helped anything: no one will grow out of it. However, there will be a winner. Lula, who came first in the first round with more than 48% of the vote and five points ahead of his opponent, remains a slight favorite. Especially since he received the support of Simone Tebet and Ciro Gomes, who came 3rd and 4th respectively in the first round on October 2.

The opinion polls give him the winner, but his lead is hardly far from the margin of error of the polls. Which polls, in the first round, had largely underestimated the outgoing president’s score… “I’m scared, every day a little more”, loose Renata, director in Rio for the Globo channel and ardent sympathizer of Lula. She will tremble until the end.

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