In 2023, “La Croix” is changing to better meet the challenges of the time

► The “Economy” pages become “Eco and transition”

The cross has chosen to bring together within a single department the skills needed to cover economic news and the ecological crisis. The nine journalists in this section will cover both the ecological crisis – what we know about it scientifically, the major international summits – as well as its consequences on our lifestyles and the major changes it is imposing on the economic sphere. Results and performance – in the classic sense of the term – take second place, and will always be judged by the yardstick of their impact on nature, work, the individual, society.

This bias is rooted in the social doctrine of the Church and in Laudato si’. It is based on the conviction that the management of the common house (“eco-nomics”) cannot be done without an integral vision of ecology.

► Creation of a weekly dossier “Ethics/Humans in a changing world”

Every Tuesday, three pages to shed light on the induced effects of innovations. We will report on these ruptures and will explore in particular the tensions and ethical dilemmas that they do not fail to bring to light in our daily lives: major issues in terms of health, bioethics, questions posed by the all-out emergence of digital technology, place given to the most vulnerable in this changing world.

► Realization of a weekly dossier “Planet/Emergency and solutions”

Every Wednesday, three pages to deepen an issue of the environmental crisis. The objective is to tell the ecological transition in all its dimensions: environmental but also social, economic, technological, demographic, food…

► Our dossier “Alive / The space for debate” is enriched

The section, which will celebrate its first anniversary in a month, is enriched with a page and a weekly newsletter which will offer you a selection of forums and interviews not to be missed.

These decisions are made in a period of very sharp increase in our costs. The price of paper has doubled in eight months. This forces us to reduce the pagination of the newspaper on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It goes from 28 to 24 pages. As a result, our “Economy and Business” (Monday) and “Parents and Children” (Wednesday) notebooks become weekly newsletters. These themes are not disappearing, they will be widely covered in the daily sections.

As a general information medium, The cross intends to remain rooted in its time. It is in this spirit that these changes have been designed. The objective is to deploy our editorial efforts on the most decisive issues of the moment, among which the ecological transition and ethical ruptures occupy an important place.


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