Hyun Bin’s agency responds to blacklist rumors in Japan

Star-studded film by Hyun Bin, “Harbin” with Lee Dong Wook and Jeon Yeo Been reportedly brought the actor to an alleged blacklisting incident in Japan. So what really happened and are the rumors accurate? Check out the following full stories and official statements from Hyun Bin’s agency, VAST Entertainment.

Japanese Entertainment Industry Reportedly Blacklisted Hyun Bin – Agency Immediately Responded

Amid the twinkling joy of celebrating the birth of their son and baby of the century with his wife Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin has to deal with some nasty career rumors.

On December 2, Korean media Insight reported that Hyun Bin was suspected of being blacklisted by the Japanese entertainment industry. The original reports came from a Japanese company official in a statement to Newsen. The official claimed that since his recent confirmation of the film’s cast, the Japanese entertainment market has started to treat him unkindly.

Hyun Bin Reportedly Facing Japanese Market Blacklist Rumors – Agency Responds | HanCinema

What really happened: “Harbin” the film is the main cause

Later in the report, Insight said that the Japanese market’s cold and nasty treatment started after the agency confirmed Hyun Bin’s role in the upcoming film, “Harbin”.

According to reports, once her role was confirmed, Hyun Bin began to lose enthusiasm in the Japanese market. All of the Japanese companies that initially fought for the opportunity to hold Hyun Bin’s fan meeting in Japan began to change their minds.

One by one, these companies began to lose the eagerness and interest in organizing the event that they had in the past. Instead, they step back from the queue with various excuses, including demand forecasts, possible audience numbers, as well as issues with venue rentals and ticket presales. Hyun Bin. And they did it to avoid holding and organizing Hyun Bin’s fan events and meetings.

And according to a representative of the Japanese industry, this lack of enthusiasm began to appear after Hyun Bin confirmed his appearance in “Harbin” film.

Actor Hyun Bin. | HanCinema

After all, Hyun Bin’s next film, “Harbin”, revolves around Korean activists in their struggle to reclaim independence from Japanese invaders. And Hyun Bin would play the character of Ahn Jung Geun, the center of the “Harbin” movie and the entire Korean military at the time.

The “Harbin” the plot of the film, the script, topped with the character that Hyun Bin will portray, may have created tension among Japanese audiences and markets. Consequently, this has led to reactions and rumors that may affect Hyun Bin’s reputation among Japanese people.

“Harbin,” the movie, starring Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook, Jeon Yeo Been, and more. | HanCinema

Hyun Bin Agency, VAST Entertainment Responds To Blacklist Rumors Due To “Harbin” Film

Immediately after the rumors circulated on the internet and social media, Hyun Bin VAST Entertainment’s agency responded with an official statement.

Their official stance with various media outlets said nothing had changed in the Japanese market, but they would continue to monitor.

“We are constantly monitoring, but we do not feel anything related to changes in the Japanese market. »

Hyun Bin Agency, VAST Entertainment.

To finish, “Harbin” The movie starring Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook, and Jeon Yeo Been is currently being filmed. The actors have previously visited the Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Museum to pay their respects to fallen warriors, and they said they felt immense pressure to portray their characters.

Hyun Bin VAST Entertainment’s agency has released its official stance on Japan’s blacklist. | HanCinema

So, what do you think of the ongoing rumors about Hyun Bin being blacklisted in Japan? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments. In the meantime, stay with us on Kpoppost and our social networks: TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Telegram for more news and updates on Hyun Bin.

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