How Jwles’ ‘microdosing’ got us addicted

After a slew of singles and maxis distilled over the past two years to prepare the ground, our favorite zin finally publishes its first long format, the unstoppable mixtape “Le Zin et les autres”, before a Parisian concert this 6 december.

During the interview he gave us at the beginning of the calendar year, we left Jwles in the thick of it. Devouring appetite for music and the mixture of genres (southern trap, Detroit rap, filtered house of French Touch obedience, etc.), he claimed to want to make “luxury music”. A desire far from what his frenzy of discographic releases at the time supposed, the aim of which was to spread out his palette of influences and to pollinate French rap (listeners as well as artists) with his so particular style.

If this erratic method could have lost us – he confided to us that Pedro Winter, Ed Banger’s boss, was tearing his hair out in the face of his outings carried out in a guerrilla mode –, in the end, we can only prove him too right. On the basis of this prologue, the first album of Jules Abecassis (his real name) therefore arrives with a certainty: atypical style and adventurous productions, the microdosing by Jwles has already got us hooked.

Hell is other people

Until its title sounding like yet another process of dissociation from the rest of French rap, the mixtape Zin & the others crystallizes two years of hard work refining its formula. In the same way that he knew how to jump from rooster to donkey and from one single to another so as never to have to repeat himself, Jwles understood everything from his style to stretch it over a coherent collection of twelve tracks. , without ever getting bored. Produced almost entirely by Ed Banger’s foal Mad Rey, and a few contributions from Blasé, Kostral One or Thxnk, Jwles has forged a perfect setting to display his heady gimmicks (“tululu”), his distinctive punchlines (unpublished references, epiphoras, absurd cause-and-effect links and twists of idiomatic expressions) and above all his way of rapping, a syncopated flow which consists of recording himself phrase by phrase, rather than by verse.

Melting pot

Inconsiderate fan of 113 (he was dubbed by Rim’K) and of DJ Mehdi, whose decompartmentalization and fusion of genres in French rap he praises, the Zin from Grasse places himself in this adventurous heritage – that of a world where Thomas Bangalter played his vocoder to the chorus of Fuck the shit du 113. To illustrate his rhymes, his inflections and his shamelessly frank writing, Jwles therefore sets his sights on a multiplicity of influences to bring about his style. Detroit rap to recall his early years spent in the United States and his avant-garde, English electronic music to express his musical openness (Shuttle bus) and French Touch to top it off (Shit & Shock), this quest for identity culminates in outro funk She wants to go awaytop of the record and true profession of artistic faith for the rapper.

“The Zin like Christ must evangelize”he raps about Good relations. We bet that with Zin & the othersthe faithful will jostle at the gate.

The Zin and the others (The Zin Records). Released since November 18. Concert on December 6 in Paris (La Maroquinerie).


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