How Fake Showbiz News became the best parody account on Twitter

Some of the juiciest and most outrageous news in showbiz on Twitter are fictionalized and published by fake showbiz newsthe satirical narrative poking fun at the sensationalist fodder favored by TMZ and the Daily Mailthe sidebar of shame. Since 2011, the anonymous word writer has been lyrical about Jessie J opening a slaughterhouse, Vernon Kay campaigning for the return of Argos paper catalogs, Wayne Rooney’s attempts to bring his first screenplay, Dr. Carroton the big screen and updates of the day from Rihanna.

“People really seem to have bought into it,” says the FSN administrator, who goes by the pseudonym Ryan Meadows. “I get people saying, ‘I keep forgetting Dr. Carrot not really coming out this year. Who can blame them? After the Wagatha Christie saga, anything is possible.

Although it’s not based on any truth, the appeal of Fake Showbiz News is the sheer absurdity of every tweet – and no celebrity is immune, whether you’re Beyoncé, Adele or Dermot O’Leary. Meadows originally created the account in 2011, “when parody Twitter accounts were starting to become a thing,” he says. “Or maybe that was when people started getting tired of them. Anyway, I wanted a piece of the action and that felt like a pretty lazy way to be creative.

At first, Fake Showbiz News functioned as a creative outlet after decades of absorbing pop culture without any proper outlet. At one point, things got so bad that Meadows found her mind drifting at work, unable to focus in meetings, because what if Taylor Swift announced she was dating on a roller coaster?

And that’s how FSN was born. For the first few years, it hovered in the Twitter sphere, garnering odd likes and support from friends “who probably thought it was a bit of crap but didn’t want to smash it.” [his] mind. Then, in 2018, he got his big break with a tweet about Raheem Sterlinga tabloid target at the time, “berating him for laughing and joking in practice just hours after Morag de Far from home had just died”.

Source: theface.com


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