how china wants to make uyghurs disappear

A trip to the end of hell: the journalist of Release Laurence Defranoux has carried out a very in-depth investigation rich in testimonies on the tragic destiny of the Uyghur people.

If Beijing’s repression against these Muslim people of Xinjiang province was only publicly revealed in the media very recently, thanks to researchers and specialized journalists that no one wanted to hear, Laurence Defranoux goes back a long way in the past. Because Beijing’s desire to neutralize this strategic region by suffocating the Uyghurs has been in place for decades.

Numerous testimonies from Uyghurs

Despite Mao’s beautiful promises in the 1930s, declaring that he wanted to ensure the autonomy of minority peoples in China (Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongols, Koreans), repression began as soon as the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949. ranged from the unity of the nation under the domination of the majority Han (Chinese) ethnic group. Laurence Defranoux’s long-term investigation gives voice to the best historians, linguists, archaeologists, academics, journalists and above all to dozens of Uyghur survivors. A work in the bowels of Uyghur history and culture that reveals to us the Machiavellian plans of the Chinese central power.

The arrival of Xi Jinping in power in 2012 will give the “coup de grace” to this singular people who only want a peaceful life, independent of Beijing. As early as 2014, several secret meetings including leaked minutes reveal the plan: “Repress without mercy”, will say Xi Jinping. The tragic consequences, evoked by many direct testimonies collected by the author, reveal the horror of the repression: more than a million Uyghurs locked up in camps, harassed, deprived of sleep, exploited, tortured and raped.

” It’s urgent “

Dozens of NGOs talk about “genocide”. The UN refers to crimes against humanity. China denies this but can no longer escape criticism from international public opinion. The situation of the Uyghurs is dramatic, desperate. But “hour of resistance” came, assures the author of the book.

“History is filled with peoples persecuted, displaced, locked up, exterminatedemphasizes Laurence Defranoux in her epilogue, but none of the oppressors had at their service the most advanced science of the 21st century. Today the Chinese party-state controls the descendants of the Uyghurs, their movements, their work, their language, their beliefs, their rituals, their income… (…) and no doubt also their organs. He controls their past, their present and their future. It is the height of totalitarianism. » Laurence Defranoux denounces but does not despair: “There is still a chance to save their freedom, their dignity and their civilization. But there is urgency. »

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