Here Are All The Songs Metallica Has Never Performed Live

Metallica is officially on its way back. The band’s highly anticipated 11th album, 72 seasonswas announced without warning at the end of November, along with a new single Lux Aeterna. And then there’s the M72’s epic world tour that kicks off in 2023 and continues through 2024.

These dates promise to be something special. Metallica is set to play two shows in each city, with a completely different set each night. This is good news, as it gives them the ability to shake things up nicely on the setlist level. Be honest, how many times do you really need to hear Seek and Destroy, Enter Sandman Where Puppeteer? Of course, they’ll never drop any of these big hits permanently, but the double show setup means they can dig deep into their extensive back catalog and release any of the 17 songs they’ve never had. played before.

That’s right, there are a handful of Metallica tracks that have never been broadcast live. While they flushed it all out on every album of Kill them all Until the Black Album, there’s still a lot of stuff from the latter part of their career that deserves their time in the sun, even if it’s just for one night.

We took to Setlist.fm (opens in a new tab) — aka the bible of all things setlist — to find Metallica songs that have never been played live. To avoid chaos and confusion, we stick to studio albums and EPs and disregard covers and collaborations (sorry not sorry, Lulu).

Here they are – the 17 officially released Metallica songs that have never been performed live.


Unsurprisingly, Metallica has played all of its first five albums multiple times (with the exception of ride the lightning song Escape, which reluctantly aired only once). But only 10 of LoadAll 14 tracks have made regular or semi-regular appearances in the band’s set in the years following the release of this album. Exceptions are The house Jack built, Cure, Thorn inside and the peasant ballad Ronnie. Will we see any of these dusted off on the next M72 tour?


Considered by many with even less respect than its predecessor, the 1997 perception Reload as an afterthought was underscored by the fact that Metallica only played a handful of supporting shows. While the likes of Fuel and The memory remains have popped up regularly over the years, six of its 13 songs have yet to make their live debut, namely: Better than you, Slide, Bad Seed (although the band teased it as part of a jam), where the wild things are, Prince Charming and the perpetually underrated Attitude.

St. Anger

Surprisingly, given the scorn over the album that divided Metallica in 2003, all but four songs that appear on St. Anger have been played at least once. The tracks left standing in their gym shorts, waiting to be picked for the sports team are: My world, shoot me again, Purify and, surprisingly, invisible child, one of the few true highlights of the album. Come on Metallica, let ’em burn out at least once.

Wired… to self-destruct

Whereas magnetic death was cleaned up by the years of touring that followed, two tracks from 2016 Wired… to self-destruct remain unplayed. murder one and the monolithic Am I wild? are the songs in question – these could surely be replaced by not quite different songs sad but true at some concerts?

72 seasons

OK, so none of the 12 tracks should appear on Metallica’s next album. 72 seasons hasn’t been performed live yet, but we’ll include the titanic comeback single Lux Aeterna here simply because it’s the only song on the album that we actually have. Although we put a lot of money into it, it’s the very first song Metallica plays every time they come back on stage…

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