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Welcome to the food eaters roundup. Great British Bake Off 2022, as Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding return to Channel 4 with the 13th round of cakes, puddings, breads and the inevitable resort to terrible puns. No longer filmed in a bio-secure coronavirus bubble, Paul Hollywood’s terrible handshake is there, sweaty as ever, and the tent is standing.

Great British Bake Off Episode 8 of 2022 was baking week. Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith judged a signature sweet vol-au-vent that caused pastry terror; a technical spring roll for a bit of light orientalism, and a piescape showstopper, anything on earth.


What’s rougher than a rough puff? Make rough puffs in a short time

A cursory glance through the archives of this recap reveals the first problem of Baking Week 2022. It’s the relentless march of time – as decreed by the Great British Bake Off judges. Like the otherwise awful Mexican week yeast dough; bread every week; Dessert Week 2020; and many others, competitors were shackled by having them make, bake, cool and fill puff pastry vol-au-vents in 120 minutes. A good rest for puff pastry after a single fold lasts more than half an hour.

In the context of this being a quarter-final and where judgment is likely to become as rough as the puff, it was still infuriating to see the bakers criticized for serving vol-au-vents of largely rubbish because that was all they could produce in two hours. Not just because it’s inherently silly, but because it’s a long-standing flaw that can be easily corrected, first by something bakers might be familiar with called “bake time”. adequate”, and secondly by something that television producers may be familiar with, called “editing”. .”

The Great British cuisine continue without mercy

Plus one point: make a dish that is not rooted in Western culture for a technique. Minus one point: it’s fried, not cooked. Plus one point: in-depth, but not manual, instructions. Minus one point: Prue Leith saying “I don’t think a lot of people make spring rolls. ” Minus one point: not ranking Janusz in the last rank of the technique when he did not even fill the number of throws, having fallen on this sword several times in the previous series. Minus one point: it’s fried! Not cooked !

Paul Hollywood accidentally reveals the ridiculousness of the whole affair

While judging something called a “piescape”, Paul Hollywood stopped to pick up some of Sandro’s showstopper, which was based on the excellent The hungry caterpillar. It was ice cream, a famous unbaked, pastry-free dessert, that he had made as part of his assembly that was supposed to be a showcase for all things pastry.

Hollywood tried ice cream after ravaging Sandro’s pastry and pies for being too dry, too hard and too full, stopped and said, “If only this had been an ice cream contest.” »

Sandro, who had previously chosen his vol-au-vent filling to match Hollywood preferences and get a handshake, survived unscathed. But the fact that he was forced to make ice cream, really well, within his already too short time to do so, can’t be stressed enough, a sufficiently detailed ‘piescape’ to be immediately recognizable, just talk about the ridiculous expectations with which GBBO weighs on its competitors.

Featured Baker: Syabira
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