GOP report links oversight committee investigation to Jeff Bezos

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Competing reports have been published regarding the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of Washington commanders. Before turning to the report of the party that controls the Committee until the end of the year, there is another important nugget in the Republican response, beyond the effort to pin the blame on the former director of the Bruce Allen team.

The GOP version of the report accuses the Committee of investigating commanders in order to get owner Daniel Snyder out and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in.

“The Committee Democrats’ investigation has had only one goal since its inception: to force team owner Dan Snyder to abandon the team,” the GOP report explained. “Last month, when news organizations reported that the Snyder family was working with a financial institution to consider possible financial transactions related to the team, including its eventual sale, a long-held theory about what could have Prompting the committee’s Democrats investigation was given more credit. Within hours of news of a possible future sale, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was reportedly interested in buying the team; Rumor has it that Bezos is interested in buying the team. Bezos also owns The Washington Post, whose negative coverage of Dan Snyder was a key driver of the committee’s Democrats investigation. Given the targeted and predetermined nature of the Committee Democrats’ investigation into the team and its owner, it appears that the entire effort may have been aimed at removing a disadvantaged owner and l installation of the owner of a leftist newspaper sympathetic to the Democratic Party.

During an October interview on #PFTPM, the commanders’ outside attorney John Brownlee was asked to identify the parties behind Snyder’s alleged “smear campaign.” Brownlee did not mention Bezos or the Job.

Let’s take it all to the next level. Did Snyder announce he was considering selling the team just to smoke Bezos out, so the theory that Bezos is trying to force Snyder out would have some credence?

If Snyder isn’t selling after all, that might be the reason.


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