Giannis is the first athlete to talk about birthday sex while holding a giant Homer Simpson

No one in the NBA is like Giannis Antetokounmpo. Hell, I’d go so far as to say no one in the history of the sport is like him. Normally the greatest athletes have this laser focus on their craft to the point where there’s little room for humor or humility, and it’s not their fault – it’s just a part of being the best. Somehow, Giannis manages to average 32 points, 11 boards and top the league, all while remaining so cold and grounded off the court.

So after leading the Bucks to a win over the Magic on Monday night, a question arose: Dec. 6 is Giannis’ birthday and it’s a holiday for Milwaukee. How would he spend his special day?

“I don’t know if my lady has anything planned for me. I hope they have something planned for me. Maybe as a birthday cake, maybe as a birthday card, or maybe as a birthday watch, or maybe jewelry. I would like to. I know my family is watching right now, they should go get them. I wouldn’t want to go to dinner because I have a game the next day. I want to be able to rest and receive my usual treatment, take my nap and play with my children…”

Oh, there’s more, and I’m breaking out this next part because that’s really the kick of it all and it’s wonderful.

“After I put my kids to bed, you never know what’s going to happen [winks], you know. Can get a little weird [laughs]. It’s my birthday.”

I’m not going to pretend I understand why this was all said while holding a Homer Simpson plush in a visible way that made it look like Giannis was about to go into some amateur ventriloquism, but I don’t care also because Giannis is perfect. We get into that “athletes are like us” trope so often, but with Giannis, I really believe it.

Happy birthday Giannis. Hope you get the jewelry and birthday sex you are looking for.


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