Gautier Capuçon, traveling cellist

You are never better served than by yourself! Commenting in voice-over on the enthusiastic documentary dedicated to him, Gautier Capuçon spares neither his smiles nor his laudatory adjectives. Hence the feeling of the viewer to be faced with a vast advertising screen to the glory of the cellist. This wickedness written, however, we must insist on the major asset of these fifty-two minutes directed by Laurence Gerbi: the meeting of many young musicians with whom their eldest largely shared the stage during his summer tour on the roads of France.

From Chambéry in Savoie to one of the favorite villages of the French, Frazé in the Perche, or from the exuberant house of Edmond Rostand in the Basque Country to the forecourt of the cathedral of Saint-Omer, all these talents have met a warm audience , often a novice, invited free to applaud them.

Touching family archives

The kindness of Gautier Capuçon, the generosity with which he puts his cadets in the spotlight are obviously a promising sign for their future career. Julien Beautemps on accordion, Yuiko Hasegawa on piano, Lou-Anne Dutreix on horn (an instrument she chose as a child “because he was shining” !) embody the excellence of the new generations, regularly praised by teachers and classical music professionals. And it is very touching to see their performance in the summer of 2022 next to images taken from the family archives, immortalizing their first steps on the instrument.

Enough to give heart to the work of the children of the Orchester à l’école system, also invited by Gautier Capuçon to join him during certain stages of his tour. Ambassador of this formidable initiative of transmission, pedagogy and pleasure, the cellist slips among his very young colleagues. Facing the sea, in the Mediterranean park of Six-Fours-les-Plages (Var), everyone energetically interprets music by Vladimir Cosma for Rabbi Jacob by Gerard Oury. The 5,000 spectators are over the moon!


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