first attempt and master stroke for EggS

The Parisians brilliantly revive indie pop on guitar and deliver a sumptuous first album. Meeting on the counter.

“I am the egg man, They are the egg men, I am the walrus, Goo goo g’joob”wrote John Lennon to deceive his world in the very cryptic and lysergic, I Am the Walrus, in 1967. The last egg men would they be french? Let’s go up the track. The Humpty Dumpty of the new French indie pop scene patiently brooded over the tracks from their first album, A Glitter Year (a nod to confinement and a title from The Bangles), near the zinc and in the darkness of concert halls.

It is at La Pointe Lafayette, a bar in northern Paris, that we find them logically at the end of the day. This same bar where we discovered the group for the first time during a memorable concert in 2019, where – on the strength of a handful of titles of disturbing and melancholy beauty – the veterans and the young pop guys were in communion. The successful marriage between jangle pop, garage and noise resurrecting memories of The Verlaines, The Feelies, The Clean or Television Personalities for many.

More like Replacements

Charles Daneau, founder and singer of the group, however swears by only two groups: “I’m totally obsessed with Guided by Voices and The Replacements. It was this obsession that clearly drove the writing and composition of the tracks on the album. Indie pop like the one from the Flying Nun or Sarah Records labels, with which we are often associated, has been able to feed our music, it’s true, it’s flattering, but that remains secondary”. It is said. At his side, huddled around two small round bistro tables, the members of the group (one part only) sip semis: Léo Deville (keyboardist), Margaux Bouchaudon (choir and guitar) and Camille Fréchou (saxophone). Let’s go back a bit before getting to know each other better. EggS was born from the ashes of Joujou Jaguar. We are in 2018 and the quartet already has a marked taste for short formats, singles in particular, as was frequently done in the English indie pop scene of the 1980s, the one that married the innocence of sixties pop with DIY. dear to punks.

We had to wait to discover this first EggS album, between an EP released three years ago (A Certain Smile), then two others, Life During Wartime (May 2020) and An Unexpected Christmas Gift (December 2020). A long wait which will have nourished the complexity and elegance of the compositions, and seen Camille and Margaux, from the group En Attendant Ana, inflate the ranks of the Parisian formation. Now septet, the number does not scare the EggS who are delighted with this new geometry. “To produce this album was above all to materialize our various encounters and the work of a group of friends. For the majority, we have already known each other for ten years. Two events really impacted the sound and energy of this album: Rémi moved to drums (and Greg to guitar) because we wanted it to hit harder. Finally, the arrival of Camille and Margaux was experienced as a real dynamic, a big plus”, explains Leo. One thing remains unchanged since their debut: Charles always composes his songs on an acoustic guitar. “If it holds in acoustics, we can continue. It’s my rule. I then submit the compositions to the rest of the group, we throw a lot of them, and then we end up with something solid all together”he says.

Working class heroes

For the texts, the models of Charles are Ray Davies, principal songwriter of the group The Kinks and Robert Pollard, singer and songwriter Guided By Voices. “I like this English pop or rock writing that tells the daily life head-on while transcending it. Make the detail more brilliant, turn small personal stories into mythology. Another of my favorite songwriters, Paul Westerberg, lead singer of The Replacements. We didn’t have the same life, I come from the middle class, I had a quiet childhood while he lived through early alcohol, the family shipwreck, the galleys of all kinds… He has a way of both simple and universal to evoke these social subjects.”

The talent coupled with the battered romanticism of the titles of EggS attract attention. The Field Mice drummer, Mark Dobson, discovered himself a fan of the group and took more than six months to achieve his goals and sign them on Prefect Records for the United Kingdom. icing on the fish and chips, Rough Trade also distributes an edition of the vinyl limited to one hundred copies. With A Glitter Year, the future great chicks of French pop recount the spleen under the glitter and invent a bright future. A single watchword for the future, as Camille reminds us: “We want to act like a band whether it’s on stage or in the studio. I hope the audience will feel our pleasure in playing together. Energy must flow between us, always! ”. Better to have the egg today than the chicken tomorrow. Don’t wait any longer, the EggS are ready. “Goo goo g’joob!”.

A Glitter Year (Howlin’ Banana/Modulor). Released November 4. Concert on November 9, in Paris, as part of the Inrocks Super Club (La Boule Noire)


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