Faced with the energy crisis, the gift of electricity

This year, Laurent, 68, made a donation of one hundred euros for the first time on the EDF & Moi application. This contribution, which it plans to renew at the start of 2023, has helped precarious households to pay their electricity bills.

“It was the argument that hit home. I wanted to know what this sum of money would be used for,” explains this pensioner, who says to himself “shaken” by the fate of the victims of the energy crisis. In my entourage, there is a family that no longer invites its friends or the friends of the children out of shame. Beyond the economic and health issues raised by the inability to heat one’s home, one does not always think of the disastrous consequences on social relations”, observes this former teacher.

“We are at the beginning of the history of the gift of energy”

This device, the result of a partnership between the Abbé-Pierre Foundation and EDF, remains for the time being limited to the sole customers of the energy company. At the end of October, 2,274 subscribers had made an average donation of €33, directly benefiting around a hundred households identified by the Abbé-Pierre Foundation. It is possible to pay between 5 and 400 €, an amount that EDF doubles in order to finance the prevention of fuel poverty.

According to Frédérique Kaba, the foundation’s director of social missions, “We are at the beginning of the history of the gift of energy, because it is a commodity that has only increased in recent years. Despite the tariff shield, we are talking about an increase of 20 to 25%, which will add great difficulty to people already below the poverty line.

EDF is going to launch a challenge with its customers who are members of its Oxygen club: it is a question of achieving 10% savings on their electricity consumption between December and March. In return, they will have the choice, announces Sylvain Decarne, Head of National Partnerships, receive a purchase card for €75 or convert this sum into an energy donation. »


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