Energy renovation: “MaPrimeRénov'” highly criticized

While the importance of reducing energy consumption has never been so highlighted, a advocate’s report published on Monday, October 17, emits heavy criticism of the device “MaPrimeRénov'”, intended to help the modest French to renovate their housing in this sense. Set up in 2020, it has already benefited more than 1.25 million beneficiaries, with a “89% overall satisfaction” according to the National Housing Agency (Anah), which is piloting it.

Waiting for help since 2020

The independent authority, which indicates that it has received nearly 500 complaints in two years, criticizes the breach of equality between citizens due to the obligation to complete an online form on the dedicated platform: “Total dematerialization of the procedure (…) leads to the deprivation of certain potential beneficiaries of aid”, she points out. According to her, it should simply “remain an open possibility”.

Multiple malfunctions have also caused difficulties “insurmountable for the most precarious people”. Some users have thus started their renovations after receiving the acknowledgment of receipt authorizing the start of the work, but are still waiting since 2020 for their help due to the technical impossibility of finalizing the requests.

“Faced with the need for heating in winter, and awaiting the payment of MaPrimeRénov’, which can reach several thousand euros, some households have been obliged to take out bank or family loans to finance the work and pay the craftsmen, says the defender of rights.

€2.1 billion

Furthermore, Anah’s hotline does not help enough according to the report, which recommends that the agency reduce processing times, improve information, regularize all requests for assistance n having been able to succeed, or “to set up a channel for submitting applications in addition to the dematerialized procedure”.

Anah says “to take action” of these recommendations but ensures that a “the vast majority of files are going smoothly” with an average instruction time of “fifteen working days”and “up to 25,000 cases processed per week”. The Minister Delegate for Housing, Olivier Klein, for his part recalled that, in 2021, the “2.1 billion euros of MaPrimRénov’s budget benefited 80% to low-income and very low-income households”.

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