Energy check, Christmas bonus, drought restrictions… What changes on December 1

► Exceptional energy check

For the most modest households, an exceptional energy check will be sent automatically during the month of December in order to deal with the surge in energy prices. The amount of the latter varies according to income: it is €200 for the poorest 20% of households and €100 for households whose reference tax income per consumption unit is between €10,800 and €17,400.

In all, almost 12 million households will receive the check, which can be used to pay electricity, gas, wood, fuel bills or to finance energy renovation work.

For tenants in HLM, an additional device of a maximum amount of €600 will be distributed by the Soli’Al association.

► Wood check

Aid of 230 million euros was voted by Parliament for households heating with wood. The latter will be able to benefit, depending on their income, from checks ranging from 50 to 200 €.

French people who can access it must earn up to €2,260 for a single person and up to €4,750 for a couple with two children. They can request it on the website.

► Christmas bonus

As every year from December 15, a Christmas bonus will be paid to beneficiaries of the RSA, the flat-rate bonus for the resumption of activity or the specific solidarity allowance.

Its amount varies between €152 for a single person, €228 for a single parent with one child or €442 for a couple with four children.

► End of drought restrictions in several departments

The water restriction measures taken this summer in France were still in force in several departments. They will end in some of them (Rhône, Bouches-du-Rhône, Alpes-Maritimes) on December 1.

► Repair Bonuses

From mid-December, the repair bonus for electrical and electronic appliances will apply to around thirty categories of products that are no longer under warranty, such as coffee machines, kettles, vacuum cleaners or irons.

The fixed price, between 10 and 45 €, would correspond to approximately 20% of the total bill. The only condition to benefit from it is to go through a repairer labeled “QualiRépar”.

Source : BBN NEWS

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