employees warn about their future

Wednesday, December 21, the 2,160 employees of Go Sport will be fixed on their future. Monday, December 19, the commercial court of Grenoble (Isère) looked into the financial situation of the network. According to the report of the auditors KPMG and Ernst & Young, 36.3 million euros are missing from the company’s accounts. “According to our information, at least 14 million euros would be missing, which will put Go Sport’s cash flow into the negative in 2022”corrects Franck Clet, federal referent and CGT Commerce & services department 38.

The unions are questioning the reasons for which this sum is taken out of the accounts. The elected representatives of the company’s central social and economic committee (CSEC) as well as the union representatives CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC and CFDT have launched legal proceedings to find out whether Go Sport was in danger.

Towards legal redress

The commercial court is scheduled to hand down its decision on Wednesday. He could declare Go Sport insolvent and decide on receivership, which would lead to the appointment of an administrator, then the search for a buyer. “The hearing is the first step. If the cessation of payments is decided, there will be no impact for employees in terms of employment, at least in the immediate future. Wages will continue to be paid”decrypts Evelyn Bledniak, CSEC lawyer in charge of the case. “There is no question of a judicial liquidation, which would be counter-productive, even detrimental for the employees. »

A first hearing took place on Tuesday 13 December. This allowed the company to open a conciliation procedure allowing it to renegotiate with its creditors in a confidential manner under the protection of justice.

Since December 2021, Go Sport, the third French network after Decathlon and Intersport, has been owned by Hermione, People & Brands (HPB). It also owns La Grande Récré, GAP, Café Légal, a few stores in Galeries Lafayette and Camaïeu before its compulsory liquidation decided in September.

Was the money from Go Sport used to support Camaïeu?

This cash flow problem is a first for the Go Sport group, according to the CGT referent from Isère. “For years, the stores have been proving profitable. » For him, “The main thing is to know the truth about the figures. We will fight to the end to keep jobs. But we can’t trust this group! They have too many backgrounds,” tance Franck Clet.

All the unions share a fear: that the missing millions have been used to replenish the coffers of Camaïeu in an attempt to save the brand. “But with the liquidation of Camaïeu, this means that this money is lost and Go Sport finds itself in difficulty”analysis in an internal publication Christophe Lavalle, Force Ouvrière union representative.

The owner remains discreet

According to the employees, the responsibility is borne by one man: Michel Ohayon, 104th French fortune, buyer of Camaïeu in 2020, then of Go Sport. Usually discreet, the owner of the Financière immobilière bordelaise (FIB), which owns HPB, did not speak publicly. Only a press release from the company denounced the risk of creating a “amalgam between Camaïeu and Go Sport”even qualifying the company sign “healthy”.

“His management style is insane, gets carried away on his side Franck Clet. HPB organizes a manifest and massive destruction of employment”, he complains. After the episode of Camaïeu, the employees of Go Sport are worried. “We don’t want to end up like them. A transfer would be worrying, because it could result in a social plan”, dreads Christophe Lavalle.

Source : BBN NEWS

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