Emmanuel Macron wants to be reassuring about the risks of power cuts

Barely returned from his state visit to the United States, Emmanuel Macron was quickly reminded of the threats of power cuts this winter. As temperatures drop and concern rises, the president tried to be reassuring. “Don’t panic, it’s useless”, he said in an interview granted to TF1calling everyone to responsibility. “If all together we stick to the sobriety plan that was presented by the government, that is to say to reduce by about 10% compared to our usual consumption (..) then yes we will be able to pass even with a month of December and a cold month of January this period, it depends on us », he added.

“Sometimes the essential happens”

The government of Elisabeth Borne has presented a series of measures to deal with possible power cuts this winter, due to historically low production from the nuclear fleet, which are worrying users. “It is normal for the government to prepare an extreme case because, the last few years have shown us, sometimes the unthinkable happens”, specified the Head of State.

Energy crisis: the government specifies the terms of any power cuts

In recent days, the government has unveiled the first lines of its plan to avoid the “black out”, a widespread failure with much heavier consequences. The interministerial crisis unit is working on a hypothesis of six to ten load shedding during the winter, Corsica excepted. The French will be warned three days in advance by a red EcoWatt signal sent by RTE, the manager of the high and very high voltage lines. If consumption decreases and neighboring countries can supply electricity, the blackout will be avoided. The risk is “a few days of red EcoWatt throughout the winter”assesses RTE.

2023 “a somewhat difficult moment in our history”

If this is not enough, load shedding will be confirmed the day before for the following day as ” last resort “. Cuts will be “inevitable if electricity consumption does not decrease” at the peaks of the day (between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.), warns RTE, which forecasts the month of January as the most at risk. They will last a maximum of two consecutive hours in portions of departments. These cuts “should not affect more than 4 million customers simultaneously”, according to a circular addressed to the prefects consulted by AFP. Schools will not be spared, unless they are on a non-shedding priority customer line; schools will therefore be closed in the morning so as not to welcome children without heating, lights or alarms.

Energy crisis: the State simplifies aid for the electricity bill of SMEs

Trains, metros or trams may also be canceled or interrupted to avoid having passengers stranded in the middle of the track. As public lighting can be extinguished, the French will finally be asked to limit their car trips as much as possible in the event of a power cut in the evening.

These threats come in an already difficult context for the French. “I know that the days are hard, that the cost of living weighs on your daily life” added Emmanuel Macron, who warns that the year 2023 will be “a somewhat difficult moment in our history” because of “global economic downturn”. The Head of State, however, said he hoped for a “recovery that should happen in 2024”.

Risks of “load shedding”: Orange is concerned about cuts to the mobile network this winter


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