Ecological planning, Matignon reveals its method

It is a method, more than concrete measures, that Elisabeth Borne must unveil in Paris on Friday, October 21. The Prime Minister must announce how the government will decline its famous “ecological planning”Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise during the in-between round of the presidential campaign.

The government has identified 22 “construction sites”, which will each be the subject of ” action plan “. Among them, mobility, housing renovation, production, consumption and the restoration of biodiversity. At the same time, the government is planning seven projects “transverse” : funding, social support, jobs, sobriety, exemplary public services and territorial planning.

To sound the general mobilization, the device will be deployed under the banner “France green nation”equipped with a website which should make it possible to follow the progress of the measures from the end of the year.

Employment, funding, sobriety

“In eight years, we need to reduce emissions more than what has been done in the last thirty years, we explain to Matignon. The challenges are not limited to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but also to adaptation to climate change, biodiversity, the circular economy and environmental health”.

The plan will be officially launched on Friday afternoon in the 18th arrondissement of Paris by Élisabeth Borne, accompanied by several ministers including Agnès Pannier-Runacher (energy transition) and Christophe Béchu (ecological transition and territorial cohesion).

“Reinventing public action”

These “construction sites” will be piloted directly from Matignon, under the aegis of the discreet General Secretariat for Ecological Planning (SGPE) created at the end of May and directed by Antoine Peillon. To work on the measures, the government should rely on a National Council for Climate and Biodiversity Refoundation, an additional consultation body which will be launched on Friday afternoon, where representatives of civil society and economic sectors will be invited. Eventually, it should be rolled out at the territorial level.

“We cannot face such titanic projects without reinventing our way of building public actionwe insist in the entourage of the Prime Minister. This needs to be built in a more cooperative way”.

For new measures, we will have to wait. After initial consultations in the areas of housing, transport and biodiversity, the government is planning a review clause in December.

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