DUNGEONS & DRAGONS finally gets a LEGO set

Dungeons & Dragons LEGO sets seem like such a natural mix. It is therefore surprising that these brands have not joined forces before today. To celebrate D&D’s 50th anniversary coming in 2024, the teams at LEGO Ideas and Wizards of the Coast have launched a contest to find the best fan-built crossover. Hundreds of entries have been reduced to just five. And now you can vote for your favorite until December 12, 2022! And then look forward to buying the set in stores next year.

Click to view the MarcyRaven / LEGO Ideas Gallery

Rounding out the last five options are plenty of monsters, including the dreaded Gelatinous Cube. You can even use the separate versions in the Monster Manual installed in your J&D Games. Or build a treasure chest with a series of ingenious hinges that turn it into a toothy Mimic. Most sets are more than just showpieces. For example, you can use the tower of the five-headed dragon Tiamat to roll your dice. The library in the Xanathar set is also a dice tower.

Even though the judges have already whittled it down, go ahead and check out the 381 entries on the LEGO Ideas site and lament what might have been. Or use your dexterity and try to build your favorites using only the images. A three-dimensional version of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons the red box and a d20 that unfolds into a playable battle card (both pictured above) are some of the amazing options that haven’t made it to the last five.

BoltBuilds/Shaddowtoa/LEGO Ideas

other fun J&D mashups to check out include a version of Monopoly and magnificent jewels of character. Roll up a critical hit and check out our holiday gift guide for the tabletop gamer in your life for even more ideas.

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