do-it-yourself solar panels

Democratize solar energy by making it accessible to all. This is the ambition displayed by Oscaro Power, a young company created by Pierre-Noël Luiggi. This entrepreneur had already distinguished himself a few years ago by launching, a site for the sale of automobile spare parts, which has since been resold but in which he has kept a small stake and the possibility of using the name.

Reduce installation costs by four

“There is a strong desire among households to produce their own electricity, but the French market is struggling to take off because prices are high, installers are not always very reliable and procedures are complicated.»assures Marie Juyaux, the general manager, recalling that there are more panels placed on the roofs of houses in Belgium than in France.

Oscaro Power thus promises a reduction by four of the cost of a photovoltaic installation. How ? By assembling everything yourself. This daring gamble has become a success and the kits offered by the company are now selling like hotcakes, for budgets starting around €3,000. Created in 2020, the company posted a turnover of 6 million euros in 2021. It should be more than 35 million in 2022 and Oscaro Power aims to become, within five years, one of the European leaders in individual self-consumption.

A €3,700 kit, which includes eight panels, an inverter, a meter and the fixing systems on the mechanical tiled roofs, makes it possible to cover on average 50% of the consumption of the house and the investment can be amortized by five or six years, if we include the resale of part of the electricity, assures the company. Kits with batteries are also available to ensure even more autonomy.

Panels made in Europe

Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail to make the customer’s journey easier and not to reserve these products for confirmed do-it-yourselfers. A simulator, developed by Oscaro Power engineers, is used to size the installation according to needs and a configurator allows you to create a tailor-made kit, according to the specificities of the roofs, for example. “We carry out the administrative procedures, an after-sales service answers all questions and a community of users has even been created.»says Marie Juyaux.

The company also plays the card of made in Europe», purchasing more than two-thirds of its panels from Bisol, a Slovenian manufacturer. The electric car charging station it has just launched is assembled in Spain. Oscaro Power says it wants to do more in this area, but industrial capacities are, for the time being, still insufficient.

Source : BBN NEWS

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