Disruptions in transport, continuation of the movement… the point on the strike of Tuesday, October 18

► Disruptions in transport

The circulation of regional trains is disrupted, with one TER and one Intercity train out of two on average, as well as on the Île-de-France networks operated by SNCF.

On the RATP side, bus traffic is also degraded with two out of three buses on average, while metro traffic is almost normal. Three out of four RERs operate on the portions of lines A and B operated by the RATP.

► The CGT evokes a possible continuation of the strike

Asked about a possible continuation of the strike at the SNCF, with the approach of the holidays, the general secretary of the CGT Philippe Martinez did not exclude anything, Tuesday October 18 on RTL: “It is the striking employees who will decide. Like at TotalEnergies » where a strike movement has been underway since 27 September.

Sectors could move towards renewable strikes, such as railway workers who intend to take advantage of the window open until the holidays on Friday evening, to negotiate wage increases.

► Gérald Darmanin calls for a salary increase

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on Tuesday called for a “part of the employers to increase wages when possible”considering that there was “a wage problem” in France. “A worker, an employee who works, must be paid a fair wage”he said on RTL.

Asked about the possibility of a large-scale social movement, he argued that “the social weather was very difficult to predict”. ” What is certain “added Gérald Darmanin, “People find that their wages have not kept up with the price increase. And they note that part of the bosses are remunerated and that this remuneration is disproportionate to what a part of the employees receives”.

“When you are sensitive to the future of your people, as is the President of the Republic, on together note that yes, some of the employees must be increased”he insisted.

► Possible requisitions in fuel depots

The government could announce new requisitions ” most likely “ this Tuesday and will ” as necessary “ to ensure the return to normal, announced spokesman Olivier Véran, while the strike in fuel depots and refineries continues.

requisitions, “there will undoubtedly be a fourteenth, a fifteenth, a sixteenth, as many as necessary to ensure a return to normal”for his part assured the Minister of Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu on Europe 1.

► Start of the Parisian demonstration at 2 p.m.

Several rallies are expected in Paris and in the provinces on this day of strike. The main event, in Paris, should leave the Place d’Italie at 2 p.m. to reach the Place Vauban, opposite the Hôtel des Invalides. The procession of vocational high schools will parade between the Saint François-Xavier and Sèvres-Babylone metro stations.

Police anticipate 15,000 and 2,000 people for the two Paris protests, and authorities expect to see the “ultrayellow” and “ultra-left” try to form a procession in front of the union square. The previous day of interprofessional mobilization, on September 29, brought together 118,500 people, including 13,500 in Paris according to the police (250,000 and 40,000 according to the organizers).

Besides the” salary increase “, the participants will march against the requisitions of strikers implemented by the government to facilitate the distribution of fuel. This is what convinced Force Ouvrière to join the movement. Throughout France, nearly 150 assembly points are planned in France, according to the CGT

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