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Renowned for his incredible voice and equally astonishing Kangol Summer Spitfire, Gregory Porter’s voice and signature cotton appendage have a cashmere quality to them. His music is sonic central heating; it dims the lights and gives the room a golden glow, while its healthy timbre offers the soul a little blanket of comfort. He is, in short, a timeless figure in the modern music industry, and he welcomes you into his world.

As a competent songwriter, he does not hide the music that moves him. Having released Nat King Cole & Me in 2017, it’s no surprise to see the legendary artist feature among his favorite albums. Porter opts for the classic silky-voiced storyteller record After midnight. “When I was five or six years old, I went into my mother’s records,” he told the Express. “She said I looked like Nat, so I had to find out who that person was. Nat was one of those special artists: an extremely gifted jazz pianist, singer and communicator but serious on every level. His approach to music was influential.

Among that soul, there’s also plenty of pop sensibility in Porter’s output, which perhaps also explains why it’s no surprise to see master Stevie Wonder make the list. “Stevie has a supernatural view of emotion and nature. There are some beautiful love songs on that,” he said of the Motown classic. First Fulfillness Final. “Too Shy To Say’s vulnerability is haunting. His music was the fabric of my childhood, and now we’re friends, which is surreal.

This same characteristic can also be said of his next choice; by Sarah Vaughan Copacabana. Clearly, spiritual beauty is something he pursues, stating, “She went to Brazil, and there are different beats about it. As a mature woman at this time, her voice was richer, but she shows such restraint on ballads. You know she has all that gas to burn, but she doesn’t. It’s powerful. It’s late night music, but I like to be put in that mood in the morning!

This joy of the danceable rhythm may not always be at the heart of his own music, but it is an area of ​​which his record collection abounds. “I love Roach’s drumming,” he said of Max Roach’s jazz record. We insist, “but above all the emotional depth of Abbey Lincoln’s voice. It makes a political statement and expresses humanity and desire. He says we insist on equality – a valuable thing to say.

Elsewhere he opted for the slightly more obvious Marvin Gaye masterpiece What’s going on, but the binding connection of storytelling in a more hushed sense comes from his beloved Bill Withers. “I love how his music is so accessible and moving with eloquent poetry,” he said of Always charge. “He’s an extension of an earlier era of blues men. His musical expression is political and personal. He made me think of love songs in a different way, not just ooh baby baby. He wrote the best friendship song in ‘Lean On Me’.

Gregory Porter’s favorite albums of all time:

  • After midnight –Nat King Cole
  • First Fulfillness Final –Stevie Wonder
  • Copacabana -Sarah Vaughan
  • We insist –Max Roach
  • What’s going on – Marvin Gaye
  • Always charge -Bill Withers

And as a little treat, we’ve collected all of these albums into the playlist below. It’s the perfect music to prepare an infusion and dive into the day. Thanks for the good taste, Mr. Porter.

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