consultation on pensions begins

The first consultation meeting on pensions, Wednesday, October 5, between the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt and the social partners was held, according to the ministry, in a climate “appeased” and “constructive”.

“It was a question of detailing the method and the calendar of the consultation”we explain Rue de Grenelle, Olivier Dussopt announcing “three cycles” meetings between the Minister and each organization: first on the employment of seniors and professional wear and tear (from Monday November 10), then on equity and social justice (from November 17), before concentrate on the balance of the pension system (from 28 November).

“A tense calendar which we hope will relax”underlines Yvan Ricordeau, national secretary of the CFDT, who is delighted to have heard a “clarification on the subject of the reform” : “It is a question of consolidating and perpetuating the system, not of financing other areas. »

“Study everything on the table”

For the Ministry of Labor, this is “to study everything on the table and to compare all the proposals”. “At the end we will have points of agreement but it is clear that we will not agree on everything”acknowledges Yvan Ricordeau.

If the Minister has confirmed the objective of passing a bill “before the end of winter, the first measures of which will come into force in the summer of 2023”the irritating question of raising the legal retirement age to 65 was not addressed during the meeting, underline the unions, satisfied with the government’s desire to move forward first on the subjects of bottom.

“Starting with the small end of the telescope of 65 years does not solve the real problems of the insured, emphasizes Dominique Corona, Deputy Secretary General of Unsa. I felt a real desire to move forward. »

The postponement of the retirement age has not been addressed

This does not mean that the question will not come up again, especially when it comes to the financial balance of the system.

“But I believe that if, for example on the employment of seniors, we manage to find solutions which generate sufficient financial margins, perhaps it will not be necessary to change the starting age”, wants to believe Dominique Corona. The latter refers to the study by the “Demographic transitions, economic transitions” chair published last spring, according to which “ten additional employment points for seniors means 50 billion euros in additional revenue”.

In any case, the age measurement remains a red line for the unions, as Michel Beaugas, from Force Ouvrière, reminds us: “If the government persisted in this direction, FO, like the other organizations, would call on employees to mobilize. »

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