“Come and see” by Jonas Trueba, conversations between friends

Come to see **

by Jonas Trueba

Spanish film, 1 h 04

There are films that are like essays in literature. Conceived on an inspiration and written in one stroke. come to seethe new film by Spanish director Jonas Trueba, who seduced us so much in 2020 with his Eva in August, is of this ilk. Inspired by the release from confinement, shot in eight days, lasting a little over an hour, it is like a moment of life captured on the spot and which will undoubtedly remain as the testimony of an era. The one where a global event like the pandemic made us question ourselves collectively and individually about our life choices.

A very clean structure

The structure of the film, very refined, stages two couples from Madrid who find themselves in a jazz club after having lost sight of each other for a while. Susana and Dani have left the city to settle in the nearby countryside and announce the imminent arrival of a baby. Their obvious joy disturbs Elena and Guillermo, incorrigible city dwellers, who have made other choices and cannot imagine living anywhere else than in Madrid. However, a few months later, they decide to “come and see” the place where their friends live. The train ride, the visit to the house, the lunch where we talk about the need to change our lives around the book of the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, then the walk in the neighboring fields, constitutes the essential part of the narrative framework. .

The result could seem navel-gazing and vaguely intellectual if Jonas Trueba, thanks to a staging of great softness and fluidity, did not bring this touch which made the charm of his previous films. The music, the faces of its long-filmed actors, the movements, the conversations, the landscapes: everything makes sense in this campaign party – one of the director’s inspirations – where the protagonists evoke in small, almost impressionistic touches, the major challenges of our contemporary world. In contrast to the 3:40 a.m. who besides ushis documentary film on Madrid youth, shot over a period of five years, the conciseness and spontaneity of come to see shows us another facet of this talented filmmaker.


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