“Cévennes, the wildlife hospital”: an animal Samu

Cévennes, the wildlife hospital

At 10:50 p.m. on France 3

“When we take care of those who live in nature, we take care of a territory”, Marie-Pierre Puech explains to the camera. This retired veterinarian has been running a “wildlife hospital” since 2008, on her land in Ganges, 40 km from Montpellier. In nine months, with her team, she saved more than 700 animals, which have since regained their freedom.

This report follows some of the hundreds of volunteers who now run the center. On the phone, Charles-Antoine ensures the permanence of this Samu for animals injured by urban life, indicating what to do to people who find an animal in bad shape, often on the side of the road or in their garden. At the wheel of his car, Dominique, “taxi-faune” is in charge of transferring these injured people to the hospital of Marie-Pierre. This time, she is in charge of five little hedgehogs, orphans, and a dove.

“Our job is to fix the species”

Cévennes, the wildlife hospital shows the fragility of the fauna, but also the beauty of these animals, and how they allow themselves to be taken care of, even if they are shy. Like this little fawn a few weeks old who suckles avidly from a bottle, or this fox operated by a veterinarian, a renowned orthopedic surgeon, who finds his paw. Sometimes the outcome is less happy: hit by a pellet shot, one of the raptors treated will never be able to fly again.

For Marie-Pierre Puech, the important thing is above all to give her animals back their freedom. ” The role of humans is not to be the manager of nature, our job is to repair species, and especially spaces,” she explains. An objective that also involves the awakening to the environment of the youngest. The bet of the future care center that the veterinarian wishes to create at the Lunaret park zoo, in Montpellier, is to teach the local fauna to children, to better protect it.

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